Saturday, 21 February 2015


I started this blog three years ago which seems like madness. So thanks to the people who actually read it and nudge me to put a post up. For Lent this year I'm planning on doing something every evening whether it's training, going to exhibitions, or just painting. I'm training for Tough Mudder at the moment which, to anyone who knows me personally, is hilarious. But, equally, I've massively neglected my blog and painting in general so I'm going to be updating more... hopefully...

I was going to post on the Baftas and the Grammys but quite literally nothing grabbed my attention at all. Equally with LFW at the moment, but I'll hit on that at the end.

 I'm loving stripes at the moment, to the extent that most days I am wearing something striped be it a dress, a jumper. a top or socks. I've had this dress for the longest time. It's from Hobbs, but naturally I picked it up from one of the local charity shops. It's long-sleeved, high-necked and reaches mid-calf, yet the slit is mid-thigh which makes it a little risque...

 My mum bought these jeans for me when I was 16, yet I grew out of them within two years. Lucky for me my mum kept hold of them and I can fit back into them again. They are just a simple straight cut that I have been living in for the past month. I'm currently loving them with a white shirt and Doc Martens.

 I picked this striped number up from the local charity shop down the road which always seems to have an amazing collection... I love this Massimo Dutti silk-cotton top because it buttons in the back.

 This is a cheeky print mixing number and another quality item I kept with the hope I'd lose weight. It's a vintage grey Jaeger wool skirt with velvet polka dots. It's almost ankle length on me and there is so much fabric. I love wearing it with a striped angora jumper I've stolen from my younger sister while she's away Down Under.

Despite working in Central London it's amazing how rarely I see an outfit that I actually love.  Especially when London Fashion Week is happening 200m away...
 Walking round Somerset House yesterday evening after work we were surrounded by badly dressed celebrities, ridiculous outfits and a lot of trash, however this one girl stood out from the crowd. I was recently told that the craze for full-length coats is due to Kim Kardashian, I just don't like letting my backside get cold... I loved this outfit because it's a very sophisticated version of my own personal uniform. A white shirt, cashmere jumper, black skinnies, brogues and a long coat. Except she was about 5'2" and really petite. She just looked 1000% times better than everyone else there, yet no one wanted her photo.

 I loved this outfit because she just knew how to layer so well. A khaki long coat, a tweed jacket, a silk shirt and a yellow silk scarf... It was perfect.

After a day of searching through LFW photos this was the only outfit I actually wanted to draw... It's Jasper Conran, and I may just like it because I feel that a black polo-neck will make my wardrobe yet I can't seem to find one below £20...  The whole collection was inspired by Japanese paintings and this black kimono-like jacket is a perfect example of how he translated that. I love the 60s vibe given by the polo neck and the great silhouette it creates.

So there's a small collection of looks I'm loving. I'm patiently waiting for it to heat up a bit, but for now I'm definitely going to be wearing tweeds under my coats...

If you fancy commenting below, please do. I'm trying to work out whether to just upload what I feel like or if there are particular things, celebrities, or styles that spark your interest...

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!