Wednesday, 19 November 2014


A few weeks back I got asked if I wanted to contribute to Weddington Way's 'November Style Challenge.' I'm usually quite wary about these kind of posts as far too often people are surprised when I come out with an illustration instead of a photo, or indeed change my illustration for their own misrepresenting image.

Anyway the 'November Style Challenge' involved choosing a dress from Weddington Way's vast selection of dresses and creating a weekend style.

Of course there were challenges. Firstly, I don't really go out on weekends, and would much rather be curled by with Sex and the City in my pyjamas than putting on a floor length dress. Secondly, I am insanely picky about textiles. So after spending a good 20 minutes searching through the 1000+ dresses, I decided to choose the cotton textile option and came up with the Watters Daffodil in a navy cotton voile. Perfect, not too shiny and in my standard navy.

I liked the slight ruffle on the bust as it complements the swishing movement of the skirt wonderfully. I decided to team it with a blue patent leather, studded waist-belt, my navy Doc Martens and a vintage fur coat. The shocking pink lip contrasts the relatively neutral hue and the brown clutch carries your make-up for touch-ups. With the ruffles on the neckline, a high bun keeps the chest area uncomplicated.

So hey, there you go. It was quite fun, and definitely a challenge. There are some seriously gorgeous dresses on the site and some of the shorter styles are really versatile. They currently have a gorgeous green number on the first page...

I hope you're all having a wonderful week. I'm looking forwards to heading home this weekend and cuddling my dogs...


Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Once again I've taken a short hiatus from blogging. I haven't had internet for the last month and my weekends have been taken up with korfball games, farewells and visits. However I decided I would start blogging again because I do miss it, and no one at work wants to hear about my cashmere musings.

The following are all new-to-me purchases as I've been raiding the charity shops around London to help boost my much-diminished wardrobe.

 Both these dresses have been perfect for when I need to dress up a bit but just don't fancy a pencil skirt. The 1st is a dark grey with a pink check by People Tree. It is 100% fair trade cotton and its shape is beyond flattering- high neckline, elbow length sleeves and a nipped in waist. The 2nd is a silk number from Jigsaw in a subtle monochrome floral print. 

 I'm enjoying playing with shape and print at the moment and this outfit is an example of that. Striped pencil skirt with a striped lightweight merino wool jumper.

These trousers have featured before as a £1 steal from Ipswich and I'm living in them at the moment as the perfect alternative to jeans. The t-shirt is a wool and silk mix picked up in Tooting for a steal. 

This dress was an absolute bargain at £4 as every other dress in the shop was at least £15. It's a silk skater dress and fits a dream. One of the best things about losing weight is being able to find a whole variety of things that fit instead of just settling what you can squeeze into.

I recently moved into my own flat so I can finally decorate how I want. And so I have taken to drawing on the walls...

This rabbit is by the front door.

This pair are above the sofa in the living room (you can see the sofa for size.) It is a copy of Ramon Casas' mural at Els Quatre Gats. Ever since studying it in class two years ago I've wanted it in my house and I'm so pleased with how it turned out.

Hope you're all having a good week and I apologise for my long silence.