Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Almost two weeks ago I graduated from the University of St Andrews with a degree in Art History; it is incredible to think that four years have gone by so quickly. I've spent the last few weeks manically packing, cleaning, saying goodbyes, driving home from Scotland and finally culminating in my sister's 21st birthday party by which point I was so exhausted I was drinking tea to stay awake around 8pm. I've finally managed to sit down and actually get some drawing done so here is what I wore to Graduation and Grad Ball and a couple of my favourites from the week...

 For the ceremony we had to wear a white shirt and black skirt to go under the black gown and pink hood (no mortar boards sadly.) The ceremony itself combined tradition and modernity in the way that only St Andrews can. Because we had a set uniform I wanted to represent myself as one of the few art historians who injected colour into their outfits or who had ever turned up to lectures in sports gear. I decided to go for a retro theme with a below knee pencil skirt and a quiffed up-do with pink lipstick. I accessorised with a studded Pepe Jeans belt, a black pearl necklace and black pearl earrings that I received for my 18th and 21st respectively. As someone who rarely uses accessories I loved how this outfit came together.
I wore this to the Grad Ball the following evening. I recycled a dress which I had worn for New Years Eve and the Korfball Awards. It's a navy lace overlay on a nude base that I picked up from TK Maxx and fits a dream. As I'm still patiently waiting for my hair to grow after it was butchered a few months back I put it in a messy braid and teamed it with a dark red lip.

 My friend Jenny is gorgeous anyway, but she looked beyond stunning in this blue dress. It was a really simple style (high-neck and sleeveless), but the thigh-high split and vibrant blue gave it a modern twist.

 There were a lot of sparkly dresses there that evening and Karoline's was no exception. I feel that the sixties beehive teamed with the heavily-embroidered gold had an element of Blake Lively to it, which I always appreciate. I also liked that the nude under-layer stopped at the knee which made the dress more youthful.
 I loved Lizzie's dress; she looked absolutely stunning. It was a pale coral with scalloped beading on the exterior. As I am unable to wear spaghetti straps I'm always jealous of someone who can. The whole look was very high-glamour.
 I promised Rachel I'd include her in my Grad Ball round up. But I actually wanted to because I always see her in wonderful woolly jumpers or sports gear so it was great to see her all dressed up. The strong monochromatic chevrons contrasted with the simple necklace and sleek up-do perfectly.

 I saw this girl walking down the street while I was at the ATM. She had hoicked up her sparkly pink ball gown to reveal black combat boots whilst striding down the highstreet. I thought it was great and looked a lot more comfortable than the sky-high heels most people were wearing.

A general theme among the dresses was jewelled tones. However a number of girls wore dresses that would have been just as appropriate walking down the aisle as they were wondering around the grounds of St Salvatore's chapel. This girl in particular had a heavily-embroidered bustier mini-dress with a sheer train. It looked stunning when the tent was half-full and she could show it in its full glory, but otherwise I think the train spent most of the evening draped over her arm.

It was a really great night. Everyone was dressed up to the nines and there were several emotional goodbyes. St Andrews is such an international university that there is really no way of knowing when you'll see some people again...

I hope you're all having a good week. I'm enjoying being home, eating garden-grown vegetables and watching Sex and the City with the sister.