Friday, 28 February 2014


As promised here are the sketches I was commissioned to do for the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show. It was a truly fantastic evening. I apologise for the awful quality of the photos, they are all laminated and my camera was playing up. I'm not going to write much on them, other than that the kilt one is my favourite...

So there you go. I'm considering selling a few for charity at some point, but that may have to wait until deadlines are over...

I hope you are all having a good week. I'm off to belated Valentine's celebrations with my roommate from first year. Cheeky bit of day drinking and Sex and the City...


Tuesday, 18 February 2014


So this weekend marked the end of a hectic beginning of term, now it's just deadlines and the odd korfball tournament to look forward to.
The overriding theme of this post is that of curves, purely because I seem to be embracing mine more and more these days.

Over the weekend I went to FS2014- the St Andrews Charity Fashion Show. It's the biggest student run fashion show in the UK and it was fantastic. As mentioned a few months back I was commissioned to paint some pictures to go behind the main bar. If you fancy learning a little more about me I was showcased as a 'Bright Young Thing' of St Andrews... The article is here. I'm picking the pieces up from the Front of House team tomorrow morning so you'll get a full look at everything hopefully in the next week or so...
This is what I wore...
 My attempt to conform to the 1920s theme was a vintage stole, a vintage smoking jacket and the tightest possible dress I own. Instead of going for something floaty and traditionally 'plus-size' I decided to do one for the plus-sized girls and showcased the curves. I teamed it with Chinese Laundry animal print wedges, offensively huge earrings and a purple-black pout.

 I wore this to a job interview that I had last week. Despite buying this peplum skirt last year this is its first outing, worn with a buttoned up pleated white shirt and bird medallion necklace. I found these amazing shoes in a charity shop last week- animal print leather loafers for a cool £6 and they fit perfectly. Definitely a new favourite.
Everyone knows it was Valentine's Day on Friday and so I decided to treat myself to some new underwear.  had a fantastic sale on matching sets during January where you got free pants with the bra. As a set usually costs £40-60 how could a girl refuse?! I bought this gorgeous cobalt blue set and got it beautifully gift-wrapped for myself. To anyone else out there who finds it impossible to find their size Boux Avenue has a huge range from small backs to large cups and fit true to size.

I hope you are all having a great start to the week. 


Thursday, 6 February 2014


So last week I was asked to submit an  article for on the new full, circle skirt trend. If you'd like to read the article you can here. It's a pretty good site with how-tos and such-like from other bloggers.

I only have a couple of sketches today as I have a interview in two hours and looming deadlines.

 The first is a friend of mine who always wears this khaki parka with a bright orange lining. I love the slight grunge aesthetic it brings to every outfit often teamed with skinny jeans, a fitted knit and her naturally super-straight hair.

This was my outfit from yesterday. I've recently gone for an overtly masculine style and I feel this reflects that, especially as my male friend saw my jacket and decided he needed it. It's a Zara mens blazer with a Gant scarf and vintage brogues. The current bag of choice is a vintage doctors bag I picked up years ago at a charity shop. It's the perfect size and a really unique shape.

I hope you are all having a great week. It's pretty miserable up here weatherwise but I've got a rugby-filled weekend planned so I'm not complaining.