Monday, 18 November 2013


On the weekend I went to the infamous St Andrews Welly Ball. Here at St Andrews we jump at any chance to get our black tie on but, with the Welly Ball, you don't have to ruin your feet in five inch heels. It's always a very good, tweed-fuelled, drunken night.

I wore a candy striped camel dress with kilt socks and my new Docs. I don't own wellies despite being a country-bumpkin. I originally went for a 'retro' look with thick eyeliner, but, with the high-ponytail and tassel earrings, it just went a little ghetto trash.

 This is what The Boy wore. After a particularly vicious rugby game he couldn't wear a collared shirt so we went for a roll neck instead. Considering the amount of compliments it was clearly a good move. 

 I think Emma has featured on here before. She was wearing a gorgeous wine coloured ASOS dress. She just looked awesome. Check out her blog over at Sparkly Giggles.

My school friend who came up for the weekend. I love a good sparkly dress and I loved the combination of the party dress with DuBarry's. It was a great mix.

 My friend Vivek has a new mantra that 'The Scarf Maketh The Man.' He delivered with a gorgeous cashmere scarf and tweed jacket teamed with red trousers. I'm surprised that this is his first appearance- he's an impeccable dresser. 

 This is a cheeky group shot of some of the dresses I saw and remembered throughout the evening. The top left skater dress was ombred sequins with great movement. The middle bottom dress was a sheer baby doll dress with a bodysuit underneath. It was a really cute idea.

I hope you're all having a great start to the week. I'm dissertation writing and researching for interviews.


Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Apologies for the lack of posts in recent weeks. Fourth year is taking its toll as work, applications and commitments take over every waking hour. The FS2014 project I mentioned before is a lot of work, but I guess I can't complain when I stare at beautiful art all day and draw beautiful models all night. I'll be putting the odd picture up on my Instagram (left-hand side of the screen...)

Here are a few drawings of what I've been wearing these past few weeks...

I wore this to my housemate's birthday party the other day. A good friend said I looked like the Queen of Sheba because of my (slightly) extravagant Topshop earrings. The dress was a £8 steal also from Topshop. I think it may have featured before... The only annoying feature is the sleeves have a habit of falling off my shoulders so I may have flashed several guests accidentally...

I wore this to another friend's party last week. The dress code was shirts and dresses, so I went for a trusty New Look black skater dress with a H&M kimono and vintage brogues. I took a note out of Lorde's beauty book. (Check her out on YouTube. She's great.) A dark red lip and no eye makeup is 
 my favourite look at the moment. The clutch bag was £3 for Peacocks and never fails to get a lot of compliments.
As some of you may have seen on Twitter I bought some new Docs over the summer. They are navy  1460s, but I managed to lose one for a few weeks so haven't properly broken them in yet. So I'm currently wearing them with kilt socks to stretch them out a bit. I wore this today to class. Just a simple merino forest green jumper with red Topshop hotpants and my giant cashmere coat. i'm currently loving massive ponytails so that was also thrown on top.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I'm just loving the cold that is Scotland right now.