Thursday, 11 July 2013


We're having a heatwave here in Scotland. I don't appreciate it. It's sweltering, I have to wear a floor length kilt and there is no air-conditioning at work. Most bloggers seem to be posting pictures of themselves in exotic places and Facebook statuses are littered with photos of beaches and airport terminals. Sure the Bruar Falls are beautiful, but the midges are evil little creatures.

Due to the weather I just want to wear nothing. Which is awkward when you have a roommate. And so my mind has led to bikinis which, as my sister put it, is 'the closest that you can get to being naked in public without being arresting for indecent exposure.' 

Thing is with bikinis you can't create an illusion of a waist and you can't use make-up to cover blemishes or moles. So you just have to embrace them. 

The introduction of the Fatkini has been revolutionary for us curvy girls. Designed with feminine curves in mind it serves as a symbol that you don't have to look like Kate Moss to look fabulous on the beach. 

It's ridiculously hard to find a cheap bikini to fit anything above a C cup, especially as bandeaus and triangle tops are a recipe for disaster. But here are a couple of styles I've found on the net. And even one I bought!

This was inspired by Nadia Aboulhosn's latest post. She's fantastic. I may have mentioned this before. The high-waisted pants cover the usual 'problem-area' for us curvy girls, while accentuating a tiny waist. The dark panels are slimming, while the bright panels are perfect for summer. I know I said I didn't like bandeaus. But when they are structured enough (with boning) they show off a great pair of shoulders. This suit also has a great vintage silhouette, but with a modern graphic colour scheme. 

I love the idea of bra-tops as bikini tops as they offer far more support, especially with the straps, than most bikinis. Too often bikini tops are too skimpy to offer that support, or the support is placed in the band wholly and not the straps at all, so everything begins to go southwards... Lower cut bottoms also suit me much better. So I love this style. And I love a bit of pink gingham.

 This suit I actually bought from Asos. It's a bandeau style, but is structured enough to support everything. I love the gold band at the front which adds a bit of glitz to it all. As with most things in my wardrobe it's navy and gold. And only cost me £20. Far more in my price range than most bust-specific designs.

I hope you are enjoying the heat and are having a great week!


Saturday, 6 July 2013


This post is basically going to be an amalgamation of a couple of sketches and ideas that I've been trying to get done for a few weeks. Annoyingly none of my drawings seem to be going to plan and my attempts at getting anything down on paper is just going horribly horribly wrong.  Between dissertation reading, working and running up Bruar Falls (Check out my Instagram on the left hand side. The landscape is stunning. The midges are eating me alive.) I'm finding it hard to manage my time towards getting a complete collection of drawings for set blogs.

So here are my random drawings. Some have been on my Instagram before or on me other blog (The Illustrated Eye Candy)...

 This is a preliminary sketch of Henry Cavill. I'm a little obsessed with Immortals at the moment, despite the fact that it pretty much goes against everything I've learnt in Classics... But hey, he's beautiful, I'm not complaining.

 These are a few attempts at trying to capture Heath Ledger's wonderful face. My portraits always turn out blue so I always take photos of the monochromatic sketch in case the colours ruin the feel of the portrait. I clearly don't trust myself...

 I was home about a month ago and had an epic charity shop binge. The shops at home are so much cheaper than St Andrews and often hold some really exciting stuff. The t-shirt I almost bought. It was a East German knitted cropped sweater and so cute. But it was 40% polyester, and I just didn't want to risk it. I'm still on the look out for a woolen cricket jumper and this would have been a nice feminine version. The shoes were £2 unworn Russell and Bromleys. But I couldn't think of anyone with size six feet, so I left them for someone who would do them justice.
The three sketches...
a- This size 22 white linen shirt is basically a square with arms. I love it so much. I feel a bit like my grandmother, who is superbly glamourous. I teamed it with a pink cashmere and silk scarf I found in the same shop. £8 for both. Total bargain.
b- 1970s mens vintage pyjamas. They are fabtastic. I also bought a paisley print pair. I may have potentially worn them out as a suit much to the embarrassment of my friends. But, hey, in this weather why wear anything else?
c- 1970s vintage camelhair Jaeger coat. It fits perfectly and has a silk lining. And it cost me £15. i cannot wait until it's cold enough that I can wear it constantly. I got biro on my last cashmere coat so I'm so pleased to have found a replacement.

Because it's so warm I'm just wanting to spend my days wearing loose layers, but sadly my floor length kilt prevents this. So here are two ideas I would wear if I had the chance. 
a-silk shirt and kimono with headscarf. I don't really like having my legs covered so this is perfect for me.
b- my new pyjama set. What else?!

I hope you have all had a great week. The Lions tour is going well so I'm pleased (that's rugby union to those not in the know.)