Monday, 15 April 2013


I love glasses. Just putting it out there. I have worn them since I was eight, used them as a mask during those awkward puberty years and now I wear them because they magically seem to go with every outfit I own.

I'm lucky that I have one of those faces where glasses just seen to work. Because of this I have a vast, but cheap, sunglasses collection. Mostly bought from H&M and charity shops I just seem to keep finding more that I really like, much to the chagrin of my room-mate...

Also as soon as someone puts on glasses I immediately find them attractive. Clark Kent, Jude Law, Henry Cavill...

So I thought I would dedicate a post to glasses. Woop.

It was these frames that inspired this post. My friend got new glasses recently and I just love them! Deep circular frames in tortoiseshell, I think she described them as 'owl chic.' And that's a style I like.

These are actually my glasses. I got them from Specsavers' mens section (standard.) They are quite similar to the Wayfarer style by Rayban. I love the deep blue colour as I find black too harsh and I already have far too much brown in my wardrobe.

These are one of my team-mates' glasses, whenever I see her wear them I get so excited. The are such a beautiful shade of purple and look so great on her.

Onto the sunglasses... I have a huge sunglasses collection, the light up at St Andrews means that it's just dangerous to go outside without sunglasses. I have walked into lampposts before whilst blinded... I bought pair from H&M for 50p and they were so worth it. A black frame and black lenses, they are practically circular with loads of rhinestones around the frame. Very bling, very fabulous.

I bought these glasses from a charity shop up here. They have a slightly yellow tinted lens and an aviator appearance, bar the lenses are slightly squarer. As much as I love aviators I can't wear them. Everyday this saddens me.

That's a quick look at my love of glasses. I could rave about them all day but I have an exam to revise for...

Sleep well!


Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Um sorry. I just realised it has been near two months since I last posted. That is shocking and I don't really have a reason. I have said before that I hate the phrase 'I am so uninspired' but the last fortnight was spent just trying to keep warm, and before that I was writing essays and training for nationals. So I've either been in lycra, tracksuit bottoms or under so many layers that style has gone out of the window.
But over spring break I had an interview for an internship. I should find out in the next few days which is exciting. At the assessment day all the girls were fabulously dressed. No black skirt suits here...

This girl had a bright blonde bob with thick-rimmed black glasses. I love glasses. I keep meaning to do a post on glasses because I love them so much. She wore a simple white blouse with gold embroidery, a black blazer and tight black capri pants. I loved the trousers, just really simple, but so effective.
This girl had crazy long black waves. She was fabulous purely for her hair. She also wore a cream roll-neck top with a collarless black jacket. She also wore teal high-waisted trousers and black glittery ankle boots. It was a great mixture of business and personal style.
This is what I wore. I had a vintage black pencil dress that The Mother picked up from a charity shop. Initially I was a bit wary, but it was a beautiful fit and so comfortable. It was also just below knee, so made the fact that it was quite tight more acceptable. I also wore my peplum tweed jacket and black shoe boots. The bag was a beautiful Italian leather bag borrowed from The Mother. I want really want to steal it...
This has NOTHING to do about my interview, but I just love this jacket so much. I should have posted it far earlier but just have not gotten round to it. It is a 'Warner Bros' baseball jacket. It has a navy wool body with tan suede sleeves. It's a mens so is huge, but it's really warm and such fun to wear. I like wearing heavy jackets and coats, so this is perfect. And only £5 from Salvation Army!

I hope you are all having a fantastic start to the week and I promise to update more often than I currently am... Also I have had loads of people visiting from Germany on me blog. Hey there!


PS- The soles of my Docs have cracked. This is a sad sad day...