Wednesday, 13 February 2013


I have a confession. I didn't watch the Baftas. I was instead trying to convince my friends that Muriel's Wedding is indeed an amazing film. If only for the South African swimmer in his speedos... But my sister was giving me a running update. Mostly on the men. I was flicking through the photos of the runway today, and, to be honest, I was slightly unimpressed. 
But I found a few gems to sketch...

 Naturally there were a lot of beautiful men to choose from (Eddie Redmayne and Henry Cavill for starters.) But occasionally I get a little bored of just black and white. I loved Luke Evans' twist on the theme with the maroon jacket. It was classic, yet gave a modern edge to the ensemble. It does of course help if you look like Luke Evans. I feel it is an advantage.

 Gemma Arterton is one of those actresses that I have been following for years. As a family we watch a lot of films so it becomes routine to pinpoint which ones will make it. Mr Redmayne was one, and so was Miss Arterton. I love this dress! It was actually more flesh-coloured which made it a bit more risque. She has an amazing figure and looked absolutely stunning in this stripey number.

 I love Juno Temple. Just putting that out there. She is looking amazing at the moment and I love the iridescent look of her hair. I did a really simple sketch to reflect the simplicity of the dress.

Her hair naturally is pretty fabulous in general. Slight girl-crush going on...

 Paloma Faith is also wonderful. She has the most amazing figure and the best personality. Check her out on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. I want her mind. Despite the fact that she is really small she shows that you can wear maxi dresses regardless of your height. She also embraces her strong brows and we all know how much I love eyebrows.

This isn't the Baftas but Rihanna looked beyond sexy at the Grammys. I am a little obsessed with 'Stay' at the moment. It shows that she is not just a pretty face. I love this look because she has minimal accessories and just lets the extreme simplicity of the dress do the talking. She is also rocking some serious hair inspiration.

It's mid-week. I'm counting it as the weekend.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013


So I have a few dilemmas.
1) I have an interview soon. What should one wear for an interview? I can't afford to buy a smart skirt suit, because I would have to get it tailored. Plus I would feel old. And I swear I am currently having a quarter life crisis. I honestly have no clue what to wear. Do I go for trousers and a shirt, or a skirt or a dress or... So yes, if you have any ideas PLEASE lob them this way.

2) I am going to FS this weekend. It is the largest student run fashion show in the UK and is held here in St Andrews. One of my very good friends has been working his backside off trying to get everything ready and so I hope the extortionate price tag is worth it... I bought a dress from ebay which I love love love! It is 1980s black cotton velvet. But is VERY 80s. Not quite sure how to style it. Which is where you guys can help me out. Here is said dress.

 The options are:

  1. Scraped-back hair, red lips, gold accessories and killer heels.
  2. Massive hair, a smokey eye, minimal accessories and the ubiquitous killer heels.
Any thoughts?

I had a 21st the other day. I had been at Murrayfield all day watching the rugby and really didn't fancy donning a smart dress. So I went for my new Mango trousers and a slouchy jumper. It had mixed reactions. The guys thought it was wonderful that I was bringing the 1970s back whereas the girls were loving the 1930s references. I was comfortable and the teams I wanted to win won. So life was good.

 We had a mystery social the other day for the korfball club and I wore this. I get so warm when dancing/drinking so I always wear vest tops. I also fancied the hot pants, because who doesn't love hot pants? My friends said I looked like a sexy sailor robber. Which is basically a pirate. I shall take that as a compliment.
 And here is a sketch of Dior on the runway from last month's Vogue supplement. I love the shapes and the floral skirt. 

So if you have any thoughts on either of my dilemmas I would love to hear from you!

Also a massive thanks to all those lovely people who come up to me saying they read the blog. It means a lot to me that you take the time out to have a flick through!

I hope you are having a good week!


Wednesday, 6 February 2013


I have Monday to Wednesday off and should probably be using this time for researching for my degree. (Which I obviously do...) I also utilise this time to look at blogs and draw. If anyone follows me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you would know that I am currently a little obsessed with drawing Eddie Redmayne. My floor is littered with attempted sketches of this beautiful man. So here is what I think is the finished article...

And because I like to get my doodle on I've done some sketches of some blogs I am loving at the moment...

Nokhuthula is the beautiful blogger behind Crystal Cosmic Chic. She always wears heels and her style is a burst of colour amid the dreary winter fashions. Also she loves hats. And that's something I can relate to.
 I've been following Rosalind Jana of Clothes, Cameras and Coffee for what seems like years now. Her style is eclectic and classic, but it's also her feminist viewpoints that make the blog a fascinating read.  
I've only recently found Tolly Dolly Posh Fashion, but it's quickly become a daily checkup for me. I love Tolly's fun take on fashion and the fact that she is only twelve makes it so much more amazing.

So there's a quick round up. Hope you are all having a good week!


Saturday, 2 February 2013


A few weeks/months I mentioned that I had some exciting news in the pipeline. I am featured in the new edition of Fragments magazine! It is the magazine for the St Andrews Fashion Show FS. It's so exciting!




Just a random selection of things. My head has been all over the shop with 21st birthdays, the start of the six nations, lectures and internships so this blog pretty much reflects that...

 This is what I wore to my 21st birthday party on Tuesday. I shared it with my beautiful friend Sarah. It was a great night with far too much alcohol and a trip to the one club in town, The Lizard Lounge. If you are ever in St Andrews check it out. It's disgusting, but the DJ is a Rihanna-obsessed transvestite with amazing legs... I wore this DKNY dress I picked up from TKMaxx years ago. It may have appeared on here before. It's emerald silk with bell-sleeves and cotton panels on the front. So much love.
I wore these shoes. Which may be one of my new loves. From TKMaxx, leather and so comfortable! I think they are originally from Chinese Laundry, but they were cheap and described as 'bangin'.' So I feel they were worth it.

 I've been sketching quite a lot recently. I've had this hideous cold, and so haven't felt like hitting the town or really leaving the house unless I absolutely have to. So yeah... here are two of the most recent ones.
 I haven't drawn portraits in a while, my proportions are so off! Though I am currently loving the idea of laying patterns over sketches.

This is a quick sketch of a bag I found in a charity shop earlier. 1950s tapestry bag with the original silk lining, but the metal was falling apart and the lining was coming away from the embroidery layer. However, despite the clear flaws, they were selling it for £10. Baring in mind it was tiny, is it wrong for me to think that is too much?

I hope you are having a good weekend. I am spending my Saturday on the sofa watching awful television. Loving life...