Monday, 28 January 2013


I went shopping the other day in Dundee. It has a surprisingly good range of shops, though sadly without a TKMaxx.
As it was the first time I have properly been shopping in a very very long time I may have gone overboard. So here are my buys and how I will hopefully wear them...
First up is a pair of Mango trousers I actually got on Ebay. They are high-waisted flares in a beautifully grey tweed. They are mostly wool and are super-long, even on me, So I am a little bit in love. Paired with a white linen t-shirt I picked up from Zara. It's such a good fit. I styled these two together because I loved the drama of the trousers with the simple t-shirt. I don't really like wearing skirts for smart occasions so I am going to keep them for interviews. If I actually get any...

 Over the summer I bought these DAKS camel trousers. I think I mentioned them... I can finally properly fit into them which I feel is always an achievement. I decided to style them with a top I picked up from Topshop. I was going to get it in Barcelona, but it was 30 euros, so when I saw it for £10 I wasn't going to pass it up. It has a short back, but a long front. What's wrong with a little bare flesh?
I wore it to a ceilidh the other day. Perhaps not the best choice as it is quite flimsy. I wore it with high-waisted hot pants I bought on Ebay a few months back.

This is a Topshop peplum pencil skirt made of a Lycra material. I've never worn a peplum skirt before, but I need something smart for interviews so I figured I'd give it a go. I teamed it with a white linen vest top again from Zara. I keep reading that peplums are really flattering, however I am not entirely convinced. Oh well, I'm sure it will come in handy at some point.

I have a lot of parties and balls coming up this semester so I was on the look out for a smart dress. Sadly this is not it, but I just loved the strong camel, white and black strips. It was a 1950s style shape and is made of cotton. I just loved the print (and the price...)

So there is my haul.

On a non-sartorial note, has anyone seen Les Mis? I had to watch it twice as I was so emotionally drained after and I wanted my friends to go through the same experience... My friend hates musicals and so refused, but she was weeping when she came out. Plus, Eddie Redmayne! Who knew the boy could sing.

I hope you all had a good week. I had a tournament, and once again there were people without proper sportsbras. HOW?!


PS I'm now on Bloglovin'.

Monday, 21 January 2013

QUICKIE. (and Minor Rant)

I am horribly busy at the moment with applying for internships and trying not to get frostbite so this is just a short post as I am yet to locate my hot water bottle...

I went to Barcelona a few weeks back. It was 19 degrees and beautiful. As an art history student I was overwhelmed by the architecture and beauty of the city.

This is pretty much what me and my sister wore. As she said it was a stylish city, but stylistically very uninspiring. I guess for them it was still technically winter, so everyone wore black. My metallic blue top and red sunglasses and Do's red trousers certainly drew a few looks.

This man was with his stylish girlfriend in a tapas restaurant.  Now we know how much I love my tartan trousers so I just had to approve, but teamed with a white fisherman's jumper and velvet loafers. Well, he looked like he had stepped straight off the runway. Such a perfect look.

I have a lot of photographs from the trip, but I want to keep this blog photograph free. Mostly because I am an AWFUL photographer.

Annoyingly one thing really stuck out for me when I was out there. The last day it was meant to be the hottest day and we had a long walk. So I thought 'Hey, let's get the hot pants out!' With tights of course. Thing is, in that half hour walk to our destination, my sister and I got so many strange looks, a few guys murmuring at us and just out and out unwanted comments. The worst being 'Hey there Big Girl!'
Would love to know when that became acceptable.
I wasn't going to mention it, but then I read this article. I follow Georgina Horne on Facebook and often read her blog. She's beautiful and is great spokeswoman for plus-size girls. However, standard Daily Mail, if you look at the comments the people are being just plain nasty.

One of the girls states that she exercises six times a week and is a UK size 18. Everyone states how this is physically impossible and her health is at serious risk. Personally as a UK16 these people would probably say I was at an extreme health risk, despite the fact that I train four times a week and am physically fitter than many of my slimmer friends. Words cannot describe the rage I was feeling when I read the comments.

So here's a drawing of me in my underwear. Yay!

Rant over.

So yeah, posting will be back to normal soon when I can physically hold a paintbrush for more than three minutes.

Hope you are all keeping warm!