Sunday, 8 December 2013


So these past three weeks have been hectic. Two trips down to London for interviews (sadly unsuccessful), a qualifying tournament for the final Nationals tournament of my student life and a draft hand-in of my dissertation on top of everything else. If anyone follows my Twitter you would know that until two days ago I hadn't drawn in nearly a month. So I had to rectify this. 

 For the first round of interviews in London I wore this. Because it was for an advertising agency I decided to go a little Mad Men, why not? I wore a dusky pink wool dress with a high-neck and elbow length sleeves. The Mother picked it up from a charity shop for me and luckily it fits like a glove. The navy cape is The Mother's. I can't remember where she bought it from, but it has a mini capelet that goes over the top. Despite its size, it is a lightweight wool and was wonderfully warm. Several people came up to me on Oxford Street asking where I'd bought it. I'm very tempted to steal it...

 For the second round of interviews I wore this. The dress code was smart casual, possibly my least favourite dress code other than 'Great Gatsby' themed... So I went for a staple outfit for me. My grey and black striped River Island pencil skirt and my H&M navy cropped shirt. 

 These are just two of the guys who were placed in my group. The first wore a dark grey tweed jacket, a grey shirt and purple chinos with boots. 
This guy wore a buttoned up dark green shirt with a blue and orange floral block print with teal chinos. I think the smart casual dress code can more easily be translated to men over women and I just loved how these two used a creative use of colour. 

Entirely unrelated, I wore this on Friday on a Tesco run. I hadn't been outside for a few days due to essay hell so decided to make a bit of an effort, whilst remaining warm in the bitter Scottish weather. I went for my high-waisted jeans with a cropped grey jumper that belonged to The Mother, my kilt socks and my navy Docs. I bought a Johnstons of Elgin tartan dog blanket from House of Bruar a few weeks back which I've been wearing as a scarf. Because I can. I wore it under my trusty sheepskin coat with a dark red lip and my glasses. I got a few compliments so I'm not complaining.

I'll get back posting more regularly as I head home next Saturday and there is literally nothing else to do in Suffolk. I'm excited to be heading back, but I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet...

I hope you have all had a good week!


Monday, 18 November 2013


On the weekend I went to the infamous St Andrews Welly Ball. Here at St Andrews we jump at any chance to get our black tie on but, with the Welly Ball, you don't have to ruin your feet in five inch heels. It's always a very good, tweed-fuelled, drunken night.

I wore a candy striped camel dress with kilt socks and my new Docs. I don't own wellies despite being a country-bumpkin. I originally went for a 'retro' look with thick eyeliner, but, with the high-ponytail and tassel earrings, it just went a little ghetto trash.

 This is what The Boy wore. After a particularly vicious rugby game he couldn't wear a collared shirt so we went for a roll neck instead. Considering the amount of compliments it was clearly a good move. 

 I think Emma has featured on here before. She was wearing a gorgeous wine coloured ASOS dress. She just looked awesome. Check out her blog over at Sparkly Giggles.

My school friend who came up for the weekend. I love a good sparkly dress and I loved the combination of the party dress with DuBarry's. It was a great mix.

 My friend Vivek has a new mantra that 'The Scarf Maketh The Man.' He delivered with a gorgeous cashmere scarf and tweed jacket teamed with red trousers. I'm surprised that this is his first appearance- he's an impeccable dresser. 

 This is a cheeky group shot of some of the dresses I saw and remembered throughout the evening. The top left skater dress was ombred sequins with great movement. The middle bottom dress was a sheer baby doll dress with a bodysuit underneath. It was a really cute idea.

I hope you're all having a great start to the week. I'm dissertation writing and researching for interviews.


Wednesday, 13 November 2013


Apologies for the lack of posts in recent weeks. Fourth year is taking its toll as work, applications and commitments take over every waking hour. The FS2014 project I mentioned before is a lot of work, but I guess I can't complain when I stare at beautiful art all day and draw beautiful models all night. I'll be putting the odd picture up on my Instagram (left-hand side of the screen...)

Here are a few drawings of what I've been wearing these past few weeks...

I wore this to my housemate's birthday party the other day. A good friend said I looked like the Queen of Sheba because of my (slightly) extravagant Topshop earrings. The dress was a £8 steal also from Topshop. I think it may have featured before... The only annoying feature is the sleeves have a habit of falling off my shoulders so I may have flashed several guests accidentally...

I wore this to another friend's party last week. The dress code was shirts and dresses, so I went for a trusty New Look black skater dress with a H&M kimono and vintage brogues. I took a note out of Lorde's beauty book. (Check her out on YouTube. She's great.) A dark red lip and no eye makeup is 
 my favourite look at the moment. The clutch bag was £3 for Peacocks and never fails to get a lot of compliments.
As some of you may have seen on Twitter I bought some new Docs over the summer. They are navy  1460s, but I managed to lose one for a few weeks so haven't properly broken them in yet. So I'm currently wearing them with kilt socks to stretch them out a bit. I wore this today to class. Just a simple merino forest green jumper with red Topshop hotpants and my giant cashmere coat. i'm currently loving massive ponytails so that was also thrown on top.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week. I'm just loving the cold that is Scotland right now.


Tuesday, 29 October 2013


This post hasn't really got anything to do with smoking, other than that all these characters were spotted whilst they were have a cheeky fag. Annoyingly my pens ran out earlier in the week due to other projects so my rush to Rymans resulting me purchasing pens that leak when wet. So apologies for the quality...
This gentleman was leaning against the wall of one of the bars in town. He was probably early 40s about 6'3" and gorgeous. He was wearing a beautifully tailored, slim-lined, navy suit with a skinny tie and white shirt. The bright red of his socks really stood out in mostly blue ensemble. His slicked-back steel grey hair and turned-up collar just finished off the look. It was a perfectly formed ensemble.

I saw this girl a few weeks ago whilst I was running to training and kept on forgetting to get her down in paint.I loved her look because, unlike the autumnal tendency to wear dark colours she was distinctly pastel. From her pink beret and brogues to her white ribbed tights she just looked adorable. but the belted leopard print coat and her lit cigarette changed the whole vibe of the outfit into some more grown up and almost theatrical. 

 I've always been a fan of glossy black hair cut into a blunt fringe. Teamed with her black opaque tights and heeled ankle boots they framed a fluffy ombre coat. Bright white at the top and Schiaparelli pink at the bottom it was wonderful. I have to say I'm a little jealous.

I'm in the middle of sketching the models for FS2014. They are all stunningly beautiful, it's a hard life staring at male models all day...
I hope you are all having a wonderful week and that the storm didn't affect you all too badly.


Monday, 21 October 2013


 I've been wearing a lot of white lately. Despite the fact that it's not meant to be flattering if you're over a certain size, or if you're too pale, or if it's autumn or blah blah blah. I'm not quite sure why it's my current obsession, but it is.

 I wore this today to class. It's a white mullet-hem dress from H&M that I bought in the sale months ago but have never worn. The 'harness' is in fact a ridiculously long glass beaded necklace I bought from Morocco several years back. Because of its size it weighs a ton, but draped like this the weight is bearable. I teamed this with a raw silk 1960s peach coat I bought in first year. I never wore it much till this year, but I've been wearing it near constantly lately. It just makes me feel a little bit special when I throw it on. I threw this on very quickly as I was running late, but I really liked how it turned out.

 I guess this is quite a typical outfit involving white. A crisp white shirt with jeans. I wore mine with rolled up sleeves, a pleated front and high-waisted skinny jeans, teamed with a grey fringed necklace.  Before university I never used to wear jeans, but now I swear by H&M. My main problems with jeans are that they are never long enough in the leg or that they fit my backside, but never my waist. However this pair are perfect and only cost me £10. Regarding the hair, I had this bizarre thought that I wanted to cut it all off. Then I realised that I would be lost without my mane, so now I just wear it bigger than ever.

The final white piece is this massive shirt I bought over the summer. It has definitely featured on here before because it is my go-to whenever I feel like I want to act like an aging artist and just want to swan around town and drink gin. It's huge and therefore ridiculously comfortable. I wore it out for a walk with The Boy the other day with tights and hotpants. It did look like I was just wearing a giant shirt and Docs, but hey, I was comfy.

I hope you're all having a good start to the week. I'm going to knuckle down to work. I'm also starting a really exciting project with FS2014 tomorrow which I cannot wait to share with you!


Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Writing this blog comes as a welcome break from my dissertation reading. I'm doing it on William Hogarth's portrayal of prostitution in 18th century London. Sure it's fascinating but it gets quite heavy sometimes.

Since seeing Minnie of The Stylish Wanderer's  fabulous red gingham crop top and skirt set I've been loving the idea of wearing an entirely matching outfit, either in print or colour. I also saw two characters today who inspired me to write a post up about it.

There's The Stylish Wanderer. She has a really great laid-back style and looks like a modern Dorothy from Oz in this.
This guy lives in one of the local Halls of Residence here in St Andrews. From conversations my friends have had with him he is a little obsessed with 19th century fashion. I always see him walking around town dressed like someone out of a Jane Austen production. I've included him in this post because the outfit he wore this morning was based entirely around a red and blue palette with the red waistcoat perfectly matching the cuffs of his jacket. Oh, and he was wearing a navy boater. More than anything I love his dedication to his own personal style.

 On seeing this woman I had the realisation that, despite considering myself plus-size, my illustrations usually consist of slimmer figures. I mean to rectify this. This wonderful lady was probably a size 20 and was rocking a high-waisted red velvet pencil skirt and matching cape. That's right a matching red velvet cape. She looked like a real-life modern-day Joan Holloway from Mad Men. And I totally loved it.

I have 9am lectures on Tuesdays. As an arts student this is foreign to me and my aim is to always just wear the most comfortable thing without actually turning up in the nude. So I did the next best thing- I went in my pyjamas. Vintage mens silk pyjamas, but pyjamas nonetheless. I was feeling all kinds of fabulous until I saw a friend on the walk home who literally shook his head, called me ridiculous and walked off. I didn't care, I went straight back to bed.

I hope you have all had a great start to the week!


Wednesday, 2 October 2013


I keep making a vow to myself to wear more jewellery. It's not through a lack of pieces. I have a lot and some of it is really quite exceptional. However when you play sport most days it becomes easy to forget to accessorise.
I recently created a jewellery wall in my room because I have very little space for storage. Because of this I've been wearing earrings more often.

My key problem with jewellery is that I don't see the point in wearing it unless it is obvious and garish. I have large facial features and my love of massive hair is a known fact. Therefore smaller or delicate earrings tend to get lost.

Here are some of my favourite pieces at the moment...

Diamante chandelier earrings...
 Overlapping gold fans which reach my shoulders.
 A bizarre concoction of metallic shards and plastic baubles.
Increasing metallic discs. The largest is near 8cm in circumferance.

They are all from either Topshop or H&M are definitely fall on the deliciously tacky end of the jewellery spectrum. Because of this they have the ability to either sharpen by a baggy jumper and jeans or cheapen a smart dress.

I hope you are having a good week. I'm trying to get my dissertation reading sorted before heading out tonight. This is clearly a procrastination post...


Sunday, 29 September 2013


I sprained my ankle last weekend. Because of this I'm on strong medication, I can't train properly and it's too swollen to get into most of my shoes. Despite sitting on my backside most of the time I'm researching a dissertation and trying to run the University Korfball Club. So I haven't really had time to people watch or draw. Just to explain my absence...

Because my ankle is strapped up I don't really fancy showing them to the world. However, wherever I look, people are showing off beautiful ankles with cropped trousers. Here are a few of my favourites...

 I guess I love this look because it's a staple of Karla Deras over at A pair of rolled up 501s with some amazing heels. I like the contrast of the slouchy trousers with sharp heels, or for a more casual look with a pair of beat up trainers or plimsols.

These high-waisted vintage trousers were paired with a white roll neck. The bright pop of colour was a welcome break amongst the standard monochromatic outfits of most Art Historians. They were worn with heeled Chelsea boots which sharpened up the loose form of the trousers.

 We all know I love a good pair of tartan trousers. This girl was wearing a pair that were high-waisted and skin-tight with brown woolen ankle socks and Jeffrey Campbells. She looked like a modern punk

So there is a brief look into the ankle baring styles spotted around St Andrews. I'm off to the library now to research Prostitution... I hope you are all having a great week!

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Sunday, 15 September 2013


Because I live eight hours from home whenever I travel home I have horrifically long train rides that make for the best people-watching. Passing through Edinburgh Waverley on my way home a few weeks back I saw these two girls chatting in a cafe. They were obviously great friends but their styles were so very different.

 I've always wished that I could be one of those people who wore all black, it's just so chic. She wore a black roll neck mini dress, a black belted leather jacket, black Jeffery Campbells and sleek black hair with a blunt fringe.
 In stark contrast her friend was wearing this ensemble. Extravagant gold jewellery, a leopard print jacket, Mickey Mouse leggings, red knee-highs and be-ribboned Doc Martens. It was a crazy clash of colours, but somehow it seemed to work.
What I loved most about the pair was that, despite their clearly differing approaches to fashion, their personalities just clicked. They were two extremes. It was perfect.

When I was home I went out in London with The Sisters. A girly night out at a cocktail bar was a great break from working in the Highlands all summer. I wore a pale yellow Topshop dress I picked up in the sale with a patented Aquamarine belt with gold studs and my new fringed boots from River Island. Other than my Aquascutum tweed jacket the whole outfit was bought first hand which is very strange for me. 
 I wore this outfit back in Scotland when I went on a 'sexy date' with my friend Sarah ti celebrate me finishing work. I wore a grey and black checked dress which used to belong to my younger sister, with the same fringed boots as before and my faithful blue Billy Bag. We got chatted up by aging golfers and drank far too many cocktails.

I spending the day in vintage pyjamas, watching Smash and drinking copious amounts of Earl Grey. Lectures kick in tomorrow so I'm making use of my final day of freedom before essays and matches take over my life.

I hope you've all had a good week


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Wednesday, 11 September 2013


As normal I've got massively behind in my blog posts. University has started again, korfball training has begun and I'm moving from a very large room to a very small one. And I have a lot of stuff.

In the past few weeks I've seen kilts everywhere. In clearing out my room I found my notes from the 21st Century Kilts set at FS2013, which were amazing, but I also went to London with the sisters and they were popular as a fashion item. I never understood the appeal of kilts before coming to St Andrews, but I definitely think I've been converted...

My sister text me the other day that she saw a guy in a t-shirt, snapback, kilt and Docs. He sounds like my kind of man... So here is my sketch. I really like the idea of a simple black t-shirt with a kilt as it makes it more casual, plus if you have the physique it's a great way to show of good shoulders and legs.

I've been watching a lot of Secret Diary of a Call Girl and I just love the character of Byron. His wardrobe is almost entirely Vivienne Westwood, but it's his wedding outfit that I love. It's a traditioal kilt, with a white tailcoat, white vest and Doc Martens. Plus his standard black eye-make up. Whoever did his costume deserves a medal.

I saw  this guy in London a few weeks back. He wore a black polo-neck and leather kilt with a khaki tweed jacket and black Doc Martens. I just really liked the simple colour combinations.

So there is the small post on my general appreciation for a casual kilt.

I hope you're having a great week, I'm doing my best to avoid the freshers!


Tuesday, 6 August 2013


I was bored on my day off the other day and decided to Facebook stalk myself. I'm vain like that. I was initially intrigued to see how I've changed, but I noticed that my style has evolved. I say evolved, I'm not sure if it's better or worse. But I know that I wish I had the guts and figure to pull off half the things that I did. During Sixth Form I stopped playing sport and my growth spurt was slowing down so I quickly put on weight. It's only been in the last two years that I've started dressing up as much as I used to. I think it's to do with improved body confidence. I say that, but I genuinely have no idea.

A big change between me four years ago, me two years ago, and me now is that I'm shedding layers. I used to love wearing complex outfits of multiple layers whereas now I happily flash skin at any opportunity.

So here are some sketches...

 I lived in these loose navy wool trousers from GAP. They cost me £4.95 and were perfect in every situation. I wore them with my mother's vintage ankle boots, a pale pink shirt, my father's blue cardigan and a high-waisted brown belt. I love the slouchy layers that put emphasis on the legs and waist.
 This outfit was my staple uniform for school. My mother's high-waisted checked skirts, a tight v-neck jumper and waist belt. Once again heeled boots play a part. A key part of this outfit is that I'm wearing a hat. I have several hat boxes at home, but I never wear them at uni. This is something I'm determined to change.
 This is a slight variation on the previous outfit. I used to love wearing bright colours in bizarre combintaions a la Ugly Betty. Here I had a dark blue shirt with a cherry red pullover teamed with a high-waisted camel skirt. Once again the key emphasis is on the legs and the waist.
 I bought this jumpsuit for a friend's 18th the summer before I went to university. It's vintage Laura Ashley with an orange and green floral print on white cotton. I wore it with heeled yellow trainers and a waist belt. Obviously. The legs are like bloomers which makes them so comfortable, but apparently I look like a giant baby. Whatever.
 I bought this skirt from my local Cancer Research for £4. It's 1970s vintage wool in a hideous green and orange tartan. High-waisted and floor length on me. I felt sorry for it, but I love it for its absolute hideousness. I wore it with a striped Benetton shirt of my mother's. I still have this shirt and a similar one with a pink stripe instead of the yellow. they're perfect.
 This outfit was more a revelation to me because it involved a dropped-waist yellow skirt (I never wear yellow...) and a tight black t-shirt with a bolero. The proportions are all off and I would never wear a t-shirt that tight now. But I actually quite like the combination.

So that's a quick run-through of my sartorial Facebook history. It's strange that I've gone from a distinctly feminine and vibrant style to one based around neutral tones and masculine shapes.

I hope you're having a good week!


Friday, 2 August 2013


I've been working in the kids section a bit more recently and so I've been looking at childrenswear a bit more. Some of the children that come in are seriously stylish and so I made a few doodles...

This boy was wearing a navy and white Breton top with a red anchor on the front. He wore it with black, turned up Levis and oxblood Chelsea boots. He must have been about ten, but looked like a mini-hipster.

 We get quite a lot of  customers from the Continent and this French family was just horrifically stylish. The mother was dressed in all black with a sleek blonde bob and the other son was wearing a blazer and bow-tie. This boy was wearing an olive green varsity jacket (and you know I love them) with a brick-red sweater and a denim shirt with blue skinny jeans and red Converse. He also had thick-rimmed round glasses and a wavy side parting.

 The thing which struck me about this girl was that her nails were like mirrors. They were so ridiculously metallic, it was distracting. Her clothes were great as well. I love a bit of double denim, but triple? Is that even allowed? The black skinny jeans with the dark blue jacket and pale denim cropped top worked perfectly. It shouldn't work, but it totally did.

Working in  the kids section you get some absolute blighters, but this girl was so polite and grown-up despite having just turned seven. It was her birthday last week... Her dress was adorable and I really wish they made them in my size! A 1950s style circle dress with a navy sequined head band. It was the colours and print that really appealed to me as stars never look tired as a print and the crimson with the bright turquoise was just sartorial perfection. 

I hope you're all having a good week. I'm enjoying a well-deserved lie-in on my day off, watching Absolutely Fabulous and attempting to get some dissertation research done.


Thursday, 11 July 2013


We're having a heatwave here in Scotland. I don't appreciate it. It's sweltering, I have to wear a floor length kilt and there is no air-conditioning at work. Most bloggers seem to be posting pictures of themselves in exotic places and Facebook statuses are littered with photos of beaches and airport terminals. Sure the Bruar Falls are beautiful, but the midges are evil little creatures.

Due to the weather I just want to wear nothing. Which is awkward when you have a roommate. And so my mind has led to bikinis which, as my sister put it, is 'the closest that you can get to being naked in public without being arresting for indecent exposure.' 

Thing is with bikinis you can't create an illusion of a waist and you can't use make-up to cover blemishes or moles. So you just have to embrace them. 

The introduction of the Fatkini has been revolutionary for us curvy girls. Designed with feminine curves in mind it serves as a symbol that you don't have to look like Kate Moss to look fabulous on the beach. 

It's ridiculously hard to find a cheap bikini to fit anything above a C cup, especially as bandeaus and triangle tops are a recipe for disaster. But here are a couple of styles I've found on the net. And even one I bought!

This was inspired by Nadia Aboulhosn's latest post. She's fantastic. I may have mentioned this before. The high-waisted pants cover the usual 'problem-area' for us curvy girls, while accentuating a tiny waist. The dark panels are slimming, while the bright panels are perfect for summer. I know I said I didn't like bandeaus. But when they are structured enough (with boning) they show off a great pair of shoulders. This suit also has a great vintage silhouette, but with a modern graphic colour scheme. 

I love the idea of bra-tops as bikini tops as they offer far more support, especially with the straps, than most bikinis. Too often bikini tops are too skimpy to offer that support, or the support is placed in the band wholly and not the straps at all, so everything begins to go southwards... Lower cut bottoms also suit me much better. So I love this style. And I love a bit of pink gingham.

 This suit I actually bought from Asos. It's a bandeau style, but is structured enough to support everything. I love the gold band at the front which adds a bit of glitz to it all. As with most things in my wardrobe it's navy and gold. And only cost me £20. Far more in my price range than most bust-specific designs.

I hope you are enjoying the heat and are having a great week!