Friday, 24 August 2012

That perfect moment...

Apologies for disappearing over the last few weeks, I've been working my backside off and packing for university. I'm also off to Holland tomorrow till Wednesday. But I shall post soon! And properly...

So amid the traumatic time that it is trying to fit an entire room into a few suitcases and attempting to write an article on mens' military fashion, I found a few items of clothing on my hunts that I realise have long been missing in my life. The title relates to that feeling when you find that item and you are rendered absolutely speechless and giggly...

First up...

The Leather Waistcoat

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was looking out for a long leather waistcoat. I looked online for new and used items, but no way was I paying for upwards of £20 for one. Then I went into one of our local charity shops. It's one of my favourites as we've found some absolute TREASURES in there from Aquascutum coats, new camelhair cardigans and butter-soft leather jackets. I found this little number in the Fancy Dress box. Because clearly you would only wear a leather waistcoat as fancy dress... Madness... It was priced at £9, but the mother gave me the go ahead and it happened to be a half price sale on clothing. So hello leather waistcoat. I welcome you into my wardrobe.

The Suede Capelet

This little number I found in a vintage shop in London. I'm aware that it is very Pocahontas. But it is also beyond fabulous. Thick but flexible suede, with fringing. FRINGING! I love a wee bit of fringing, but flapper dresses just look ridiculous, so this is perfect. And despite my friends laughing at me, it looks frickin' AWESOME on.  Natch.

The Stripey Trousers

I've been looking for a pair of striped trousers for a while now, deeming them suitably ridiculous, yet strangely versatile. This bad-boys are from River Island, in the sale of course. And are surprisingly flattering... And so I love them. I feel they look great with an over-sized t-shirt and trainers. This may be incorrect, but I feel great. Isn't that enough? 

That's all folks as I have to attempt to fit five days worth of clothes in a rucksack. I can't pack light. I may have to commit some serious sartorial disasters. I'll fill you all in next week!

Have a superb bank holiday!


Monday, 13 August 2012

Curl Up and Dye.

I've always thought that was the worst EVER name for a hairdresser's. Just why...
Anyway, I got my hair dyed last week. Not that you really knew what my hair looked like other than HUGE. The elusive self that I am.
So I've always wanted to have ginger hair. Don't ask me why, but I'm a firm believer that people with ginger/red/strawberry blonde hair are always the most fabulous. Just look at Prince Harry. Or Jessica Rabbit. Karen Elson, Paloma Faith,Tim Minchin, Satine in Moulin Rouge... The list goes on... So last week I went into Baiss & Co. in Ipswich for a model night. I've always used this hairdressers whenever I need an actual cut as the products smell good and you get nice biscuits with the tea. That's a lie, it's a really great place, beautifully set out, and with a great soundtrack. The girls looks achingly hip and the cuts are always perfect.
The model nights are also cheap. At £9 for a semi-dye, going there was cheaper and less risky than the several boxes of dye I would have to buy otherwise. And they did an amazing job.

I've always had huge hair envy over Kate Winslet in Titanic. It's just such a gorgeous colour, but can never find an equivalent on the high street which kills me. So I went for something similar. And I love it. It is a semi so it'll fade. But it's definitely a colour I want to stick with.

The girl who did my hair looked awesome. She was teeny tiny but had her bright ginger hair piled in a massive bun right on her forehead. Comme ca...
 I just thought she looked amazing. And it's a style I may try out sometime when I'm not sporting my massive porn-star do... She did such a great job on my hair, despite the fact it took three times the amount of dye it was meant to. What can I say? I just have a lot of hair...

 This was another hairdresser. I just loved her look so much. It was a near-perfect example of unique retro style. Her hair was dyed black, but pinned back in true 1940s style. She also sported a bright pink quiff. Which was fabulous. What I wouldn't give for pink hair. But that may be another post... I loved her sleeve of tattoos as well. Teamed with the hair it was such a perfect combination.

So yeah... there's a little snippet of my current hairstyle. Maybe one day (if you're really lucky) you'll get an actual picture of the tangled mass atop my head!

I hope you've all had a great start to the week. I'm starting my summer reading this week and organising a potential cycling holiday in Holland. So excited!


Saturday, 11 August 2012


Because I'm feeling minorly feak and weeble (I'm sure you can work that one out) and also because we have guests coming over in a few, this is going to be a short yet sweet post. Mostly on my fashion musings and questions to all you lovely people!

1) Disco pants. Are they a do or a don't? I'm confused as to my feelings towards these items and I feel I need help. I kinda love them because I feel they look like jazzy lycra. I've recently become a little obsessed with lycra. No, not because of the Olympics and all the bulging muscles (and crotches...) But because I have preseason in under a month and I am genuinely concerned that I may keel over. So the gym routine has been stepped up. And hey, I now have leg definition. Woop...

2) I've been watching the 'Lympics. A lot. And I'm proud of 'Team GB.' One thing I noticed was the amount of well-endowed women who were not wearing sports bras. Why would you do that to yourself? It must really hurt., and that is NOT going to help in the long-run. Also apparently Marilyn Monroe used to sleep in a bra because she didn't want tits down to her ankles. I guess we'll never find out whether that one worked.

3) I saw my awesome ex-roommate/housemate Emma Thompson (yes, that is her real name. It's a source of great amusement) t'other day. She looked fabulous. Here is a picture of her.

It was a knitted turquoise jumper with a slate-grey mullet skirt from Zara. It was one of the prettiest skirts I've seen in absolute donkeys' years. She also persuaded me to buy a suede capelet. More on that in another post. But just to warn you- it's fabulous darlings.

4) My friend gave me a thong update today. That may sound very odd and slightly bizarre, but I've been a huge fan of these skimpy little items for a long time. Mostly because I adore obnoxiously tight skirts. Anyway my gorgeous friend Katie has also been wary, and finally tried them out a few months ago. So she wore one today and told me. I'm sure she looked stunning in her thigh-split dress, because she has the longest legs I've ever seen.

5) I found a leather waistcoat. Pretty much identical to how I describe. I'm in love. I'll do a sketch of some of my new purchases. And there are several. Because my paycheck FINALLY came through last week. *cue happy 'we have money' dance.*

6) I've discovered that athletes are pretty hot. Mostly rowers. And cyclists. And swimmers. And athletes... I could keep going on. Where can I find one?

7) One of my favourite moments of this week has been The Mother asking whether 'the One Direction was a fashion trend.' I'm not sure what I think.

I hope you all are having a lovely weekend!


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Men men men...

In case you haven't gathered I have a slight fascination with menswear. Whether it's men in uniform, an impeccably tailored suit, or a stylish hipster, I just love it.
When I'm out and about it is often the men who catch my eye. Styled in such a way that I simply have to get my sketch book out. With women it takes something extra special. I don't really know why. So here are my pics of some of the men I've seen on my travels...

 I saw this gentleman at the racecourse last week. It was a ghastly day, and for once my sister was working so we spent most of the day discussing the outfits and asking the bar staff for their opinions. This guy was with his girlfriend who was wearing a rather hideous metallic neon green collarless jacket. It was like granny-acid chic. Apparently it's from Zara. I just didn't understand it. This guy was wearing a black v-neck t-shirt, dark grey blazer and grey trousers. What I loved was that the trousers were slightly too short so you could see his (rather chavvy) bright white socks. Just loved that touch. He also wore old brown brogues. And you have to appreciate a pair of brown brogues.

 This was another Newmarket punter. He was really tall and lanky and so immediately had the 'hipster' look down... He wore a dusky blue cotton suit. The trousers were ridiculously tight and were teamed with a Liberty print shirt and black chelsea boots. On top of all this he had long wavy hair and a black trilby. He was also smoking. I know it's bad for you, but it is still so sexy... I thought he looked awesome. The waitress with me disagreed...
 This guy came into the restaurant with his parents. Just a simple white shirt and chinos. The shirt was of really thick white cotton, the kind that demonstrates quality. On his feet he had velvet tasselled loafers. Not good Suffolk wear, but he looked awesome. And he had amazing eyebrows. Men with good eyebrows just rock my boat.
 These young gentlemen were also at the racecourse. I just loved that a) they were at the Van Morrison band night and b) that they would all fit into St Andrews very nicely when they grew up. All wearing tweed with coloured chinos and big hair. I just thought they looked fab.
 I saw this guy in London the day I went to the Olympics. We were sitting in a cafe near Buckingham palace observing the people and this guy strutted (literally strutted) past. I'm a sucker for polo-necks. For completely and utterly unknown reasons. Anyway he was wearing a white polo-neck with grey front-pleated trousers and thick black braces. His trousers were far too short and showed off his bright orange socks and brown brogues. He also carried a brown doctor's bag and a suit bag. Apparently the suit bag was from a Jermyn street brand, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was! I loved the combination of the slicked side-parting and thick glasses. I love a good side parting. Apparently it's a don't. What are your views?

I've been trying to draw this gentleman for ages. I saw him in a London cafe months back. He was quite elderly and just sat with a perfect nonchalance, hopefully retelling a story of flamboyance and glamour. He had long wavy grey hair and the highest cheekbones. I just loved his combination of Breton striped top, pale blue jacket and white chinos with brown deck shoes. He just looked like he would have some great stories.

Talking of great cheekbones- Lawrence Clark the GB 110m hurdler. He had a great pair.


Monday, 6 August 2012

Factory Girl

As I said in my previous post I've been working at a sushi factory for the past few weeks. And so, because I'm working in 4 degrees for 12 hours solid I don't really have a chance to dress up these days. 
This is what I have to wear. White lab coat, yellow hairnet, plastic blue gloves and sleeves. tracksuit bottoms and white wellingtons. Sooooo stylish. I'll also have about five layers under that. And it's still bloody freezing.
So it's only understandable that when my sister, Dorothy, told me that she could get tickets to the Olympics and that we had to dress up, especially as we were watching the boxing. And we did...

I was meant to wear heels. But realised on the day that I'd only bought one back with me from uni. Which was awkward. So Docs it was. Because it was a beautiful day I went for no tights, a leopard print pencil skirt, blue cropped shirt, hacking jacket, Billy Bag and big hair. The usual. We meant up with some of my uni friends to discuss life and possible holiday plans. I miss uni banter...
This is what Dorothy wore. She has great legs due to university rowing and insisted on wearing her new ASOS wedges. They are so beautiful. And she wore them all day, so well done her. She wore a pink metallic Topshop dress and a Zara camel blazer with a fur collar and a Bally bag she picked up in a charity shop. This drawing actually shows her Ralph Lauren cardigan that she picked up. It's superbly preppy, but looks disgustingly good in it. We found it in Absolute Vintage in London, which is now one of my favourite shops. I picked up a pair of mens Daks trousers. Camel and 100% wool. Perfect. She's just started her own blog (inspired by myself I feel) over at

The atmosphere was amazing. And Do got a free orange from a random volunteer. And I got my bag frisked by a beautiful Scottish soldier. So I'm not complaining.

It was an amazing day out, if you get the chance seriously go. Purely for all the men in uniform...

I'm working three solid twelve hour days so will probably not get the chance to blog for the next week. Sorry!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week, and thank you for the lovely comments. You have no idea how much they mean to me!