Saturday, 28 July 2012

We like short shorts...

I attempted to start writing this during the Opening Ceremony last night. But got distracted. Mostly by the split second clip of Jamie Bell. I'd happily marry that man. For unknown reasons... What did you guys all think of the show? Personally I loved it. Especially the Queen. And Daniel Craig.
Oh and did you all see St Andrews? My friend was in that clip. I got very excited.

These sketches are from yet another London trip I went on the other day to see friends between days at the Sushi factory.

 I loved this look purely for her sleek bob and the simplicity of the outfit. It was basically a cropped camel jumper with peg-leg trousers and a brown bag. I was on the train going through a station when I saw her so didn't see what footwear she was wearing. But I just loved the simplicity and classic look.
This was another girl in the same group as the one above, over all a rather stylish group of friends it would seem. She wore denim cut offs and a cropped jumper. What I particularly loved about the outfit was that she was wearing neon yellow socks and camel desert boots. The shock of colour just made that outfit for me.
I saw this girl in a vintage shop near Old Spitalfields market. As it was a BAKING hot day the attire seemed to fit. High-waisted brocade shorts with long fringing, black patent brogues and a black cropped t-shirt. She looked ridiculously awesome. And like she should be doing a road trip across America. But in a really good way...

This is not actually from London. This is a drawing of my friend Hannah. She's gorgeous and slim and wears hippy style clothes. Here she is wearing baggy harem trousers in a navy blue and a loose weave, over-sized brown jumper. She looked pretty fabulous. Sadly this is not a look that looks amazing on myself due to the breasticles and backside. But she looks gorgeous.
This man was on the Underground. He had long wavy hair, and was probably in his mid-forties, but I just loved the mixture of the bright denim and burnt orange chinos. Complementary colours darling.
This was another Underground man. This time with purple circular glasses, a pale pink shirt, purple tie and braces, tight jeans and black shirt. Oh and a black baseball cap. He was also about 5'2". I don't know this makes a difference. But it did. He just looked futuristic in a really simple way. The use of purple was spot on.
Just realised how many photos I put up. Oops... This guy was on the train. he was wearing an over-sized white shirt and black skinny jeans. And a maroon scarf casually wrapped round his neck. I really love scarves on men. I don't really know why. But a man who wears a good scarf is a keeper. He also had red wine stains down his back. He had clearly had a good night.
This girl was on the Underground with a friend. They had been running I imagine. Or at least they had. I don't really know. For some unknown reason I have a thing about showing too much flesh during the day. Especially at 12 o'clock on the Underground. She was wearing Adidas running shorts. The kind which have the huge slits up the side, and a white vest top. With a see-through white bra. Though I definitely admire her confidence, that I could almost see EVERYTHING was minorly unwanted. But she had the figure for it. So good on her.

Did anyone watched Bert and Dickie the other day? My sister rows so we watched the majority of it And she annoyed me by saying how they weren't properly rowing. ANYWAY I loved the costume. So much. I'm going to watch it again purely because I am lusting after the training tops they wore. I also loved Matt Smith's hat, glasses and jawline. So here they are.
And these were some old Suffolk men sitting by the train contemplating life, discussing cider and crop growth. And their wives' obsession with Fifty Shades. No joke. I had a good little chuckle over this.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend! I'm off to a car boot sale in the early hours of tomorrow. Actually cannot wait! The Father is cooking up a BBQ as The Mother is away, so I'm going to run and enjoy some Pimms in the last of the sunshine!


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award.

I hope you are all enjoying the beautifully sunny weather. It's finally sunny here in England and I've been stuck in a fridge the last two days working in a Sushi factory. Yes, that's right. Sushi. Not only do I hate the cold, I hate fish. Oh well...

Anyways... a few days ago I was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award. I've never been nominated, so you can imagine the MASSIVE smile I had on my face for the rest of the evening!

1. Thank the person that nominated you and a link to their blog.
 A disgustingly massive THANK YOU to the beautiful Amy for the nomination. Her blog is fabulous and I highly recommend you check it out!

2. Tell us how the idea of making a blog popped up and what makes you continue it?
I've always loved fashion and how other people style certain items, but have the memory of a gnat. So, to combat this, I started sketching outfits as a way to remember the ones that stood out for me, whether it's on the street, in films or in old photographs. I've continued with it because I love telling people about sartorial twists that have caught my attention, and this just acts as an outlet. Plus it's great fun, and all the other bloggers are so supportive!

3. Describe a usual day in your life.
As life is split between uni in St Andrews and home in Suffolk my daily life changes. Home- up at 8.30, (The Mother is a stickler for early starts) take the dogs out, sketching, play the piano, listen to music, annoy the sister, read blogs, and then somewhere in that lunch and supper. Then bed by ten. Uni meanwhile... out of bed around 11 (usually recovering from the night before) the odd lecture, usually cafe trips, sketching, dancing in the kitchen, occasionally korfball training, then usually out to the union around eleven, and home by three. Standard. Most days in my life are relaxed and music-fuelled. The joys of being an Art History student! 

4. The best collaboration with a blogger.
Having never collaborated with a fellow blogger I have no experiencd in this field. Would totally love to if anyone is willing!

5. The worst collaboration with a blogger.
Never had one, so fingers crossed that doesn't change!

6. Describe what having a blog means to you.
I love that I have my own little space on the WWW to express my ideas through my sketches. The comments are always so positive and really mean so much to me, acting as a huge motivation to keep posting. I also love the whole network that is the blogosphere, whether it's discovering new blogs or keeping track of old favourites!

7. Nominate five other bloggers.
Here are my five nominations for some truly gorgeous bloggers. Fabulous work guys!

Let's hope the weather stays this way!


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ladies' Day

I've worked at a local racecourse for the past five years, waitressing in Premier Arena restaurant. Last week it was the July Cup, and Thursday was Ladies' Day. I love Ladies' Day. Mostly because of the orange fake tans, hideously short dresses and hugely impractical shoes. And then there are the fabulous ladies. So here is my short collection of some of the fantastically fabulous ladies!
 First up- These two lovely ladies came into the restaurant together. The outfit consisted of a black body-con dress with faux-fur stole over one shoulder, black hat and vertiginous black gladiator sandals. She looked utterly fabulous. Her friend was wearing a yellow jacket, a purple body-con dress with yellow shoes and orange bag. She look exceptional. The clashing block colours, together with the blue fascinator, stood out amongst the florals and monochromatic palette. They both had great banter which is always nice when waiting on someone.
 I LOVED this outfit. This beautiful lady was wearing a a blue and white patterned wiggle dress. With a blue bow in her blonde hair, perfectly slicked into a bun at the nape of her neck, a white leather handbag and blue strappy sandals, she looked like a modern-take on 1960s air-hostesses. And she looked amazing. It's an outfit like this which makes me want to burn my skinnies and don my amazing (but slightly impractical) leopard pencil skirt.

 One of the girls I work with came up to me purely to say that she had seen someone who looked exceptional and that I needed to see her. So on our break we went on a short hunt. Sadly I only saw her from the back but she did indeed look fab.u.lous. Wearing a floorlength emerald green dress with full sleeves with buttoned cuffs and a high neck. She also had a cropped jacket on top and a green fascinator with peacock feathers. In keeping with the current 'Edwardiana' trend she look amazing. She'd obviously made an effort for the race day, instead of just chucking on what everyone would be wearing.
 This woman we saw on our trip back from our break. She was pushing a trolley which I decided to not include... The outfit consisted of heavy black eye make-up and a bright auburn King Charles-esque wig, with a lilac regal jacket and lilac, white and pink tutu. Under the jacket was a ruffled white shirt, and under the tutu were silver metallic leggings. On her feet were neon purple lace-up platform boots. I think I loved this outfit. I say think because I wish I had the guts to wear it, but would have left the trolley at the racecourse gate...

I love the combination of pink and black. It reminds me of a fleece hat I once made when I believed this combo to be the peak of sartorial elegance. These days I'm more camel and navy, but oh well. What I loved about this outfit was that she had made the entire outfit (bar the shoes) herself as she so willingly told us. The back was similarly contrasted and the hat and bad were made out of old vinyls. Truly fabulous.

So yes, Ladies' Day. I love it. So much.
I just spent the last three hours trying to work out how old some of the mother's charity shopped silverware was. It's actually fascinating. And now my eyes hurt.

I hope all you lovely bloggers are having a great week and are keeping fabulous!


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Joking Around

I've been hectically busy this past week with work, tournaments, socialising and travelling and so have been nowhere near a computer. Or a sketch book. And so while I'm catching up on sketching the wonderful stylish people I have witnessed and catching up on the fabulous blogs in blogdom, I'm leaving you with a quick sketch of one of my favourite actors. The sadly deceased Heath Ledger.


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Looks like Autumn...

It's PISSING it down outside. And I'm sitting inside reading Vogue. What with all the pieces from the spring collections it's not surprising that a girl thinks of her Autumn wardrobe... I'm so in love with all the tweed and the leather and the tweed... I found my tweed flat cap the other day and I've been wearing it constantly. Thing is these trends are just constant themes in my wardrobe. Especially (you guessed it) the tweed. Got to love that stuff...
Also, I found out a few days ago that I got the position of Fashion Sub-Editor at the magazine  I contribute to- The Tribe. I've been writing the men's section for the past year because I have a minor obsession in menswear. You can read some of my articles here if you are interested!

So here's my first installment of my take on some of Autumn's coming trends.

This little number is a khaki pencil skirt which I already own from Asos and patent black brogues from River Island. I'm a sucker for a Breton striped top and so I'm going to begin my charity shop mission to find one. I may have to go for a cropped variety as I always tuck my tops into pencil skirts, but hate it when you see the bunching under the fabric. Actually could start rocking this look over summer...

To be honest this is basically my usual 'uniform.' Docs? Check. Black Skinnies? Check. Shirt? Check. I live in shirts mostly because I'm quite busty at a 32G and these babies only came to me a few years ago and I'm still apprehensive about putting them on display. I love cravats. Mostly because I love period dramas. Think Mr Darcy. In the wet shirt... But I digress. The flat cap? Well, where would a girl be without a flat cap?

This outfit consists of a black New Look dress I picked up the other day. It's really simple and unlike the Topshop varieties, covers my backside and my bra. Which is something that is always needed but rarely provided in summer dresses these days. I do love my maxis, but I've been hitting the gym, and want to get my legs out! The tweed is my classic Aquascutum. And of course the big hair. Big hair is always needed. I'll probably wear this with Docs. Or perhaps invest in some deck shoes. That said, I'm tempted to start wearing heels. But at 5'10" and curvy I (apparently) come across as intimidating. So heels just wouldn't help that situation. I'm nice really!

 This outfit may be a little nabbed from Miss Bradshaw in SATC: The Movie 2. Is that the official title? I have no idea. It's the same khaki pencil skirt with a hair bow and matching heels. The leather waistcoat is one that I really want in my wardrobe. Butter-soft tan leather with pockets. If anyone finds on out there please tell me!

 These shorts are some of my favourites. Strangely it was me not being able to properly fit into them which has sparked the recommencement of my New Year's resolution Abs2012. It hasn't happened, but hopefully at least I shall fit into my favourite shorts again. They are waxed linen Noa Noa high-waisted knee length shorts. The first thing I ever bought on eBay. I still love them so much! The vest top is one of five I bulk bought from Gap a few years back. Slouchy knitted cotton, they are so comfortable and so versatile! The hat once again is a flat cap. Just loving them...

I'm not really one for peplum skirts, but my version is skirted jackets. Here is my current favourite, an old hacking jacket from the days when I was forced to do Pony Club. It's such a good fit, and the long skirt to it gives it such a feminine shape. Teamed with a River Island striped pencil skirt and one of my Gap vest tops. I love the contrast of the structured tweed with the grungey grey striped skirt.

So there are my current ideas on autumn trends, there shall be more as I am loving this season!

I hope you are all having a FABULOUS week enjoying the fabtasmic weather...


PS I just realised that Tom Hardy is in Marie Antoinette. That just makes me love the film even more... Just wanted to share that with you all...

Sunday, 8 July 2012


This is just going to be a short post as I'm watching the tennis and it's pretty exciting...
The title of this post refers to my usual holiday job of waitressing, the stereotypical student job I feel. Despite the rude customers, long hours and dirty clothes, I actually enjoy it. Mostly because it makes for great people watching. The other day I was working at a local boarding school's speech day. The school itself is about 100m from the comprehensive I went to and so there were a surprisingly large amount of familiar faces who predictably ignored me when they realised I was the 'help.' As it was a speech day it meant there were some beautiful gowns in the evening.

From my experience public school girls are blonde, tanned and slim, and the guys are tall, toned and attractive. That's a sweeping generalisation but it is invariably true.

So here are a few sketches I knocked up. Annoyingly the ink spread a little as I had given myself an hour to get them done and then the Parents decided they wanted to leave an hour early to see some family friends giving me ten minutes to get ready. Including shower. Which is always lovely. So yes they are a little smudged. But oh well...
 I thought this dress was stunning. The lace detail was on a nude background, so it did actually look like she had nothing underneath. It was also very low-cut. So when she lent over we realised, yes she didn't actually have anything underneath... It was a beautiful dress though. Because of the low back with thin bands across it was very chic and was a welcome difference amongst the poufy, sparkley dresses. Very gothic glamour, which my sister informed me is 'in' this season...
 This look was sported by one of the teachers. He was quite a big guy, but the classic green velvet jacket was super stylish. I loved the vintage look it gave to the classic black-tie theme. The cuffs had the same braid that fastened the jacket. Very dapper...
 This was my favourite dress of the evening. Mostly because the girl went against the stereotype with pale skin, dark brown hair and was easily a size 14. The dress was one-shouldered with a high waist. The colour was a pale nude with a chiffon sparky layer. So beautiful, and she looked stunning in it. I just loved the Grecian influence.
There's always one isn't there? The one who goes out of their way to stand out. And there's nothing wrong with that. For my leavers' ball I wore a vintage 1950s cocktail dress and purposefully made it as retro as possible. Which was fun amidst the short clubbing dresses everyone else wore. This gentleman went for a top hat and cane. And he suited it too ;)

So that's my short post. And the tennis has finished. What did you all think? My sister supported Federer because he was the best looking. I don't know what I think of that...

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

These boots were not made for walking

Firsty hello to my fabulous new followers and thank you for all the wonderful comments:)

Last week I went to London with my sister Dorothy because she wanted to see the Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum. And how is a girl to resist?
Despite her turning up an hour late, I had a leisurely stroll over Tower Bridge and watched an Indian film being filmed outside the Museum. It was surprisingly fascinating.

Cameras weren't allowed and my sketch book decided to run out the day before so I had to doodle on some lino paper I had stylishly stuffed into my bag.

The exhibition was perfectly set out. Shoe carousels, garden displays and a 3D hologram of Miss Dita Von Teese stripping and strutting in beautiful lingerie and beautiful shoes.

There was information surrounding Mr Louboutin's designing mannerisms, his studio and his manifesto. He aspires to create shoes that emphasise the female arch and slender ankles. A few years ago he created the Fetish line. The shoes were worn by two dancers. The lighting was pretty bad in this section so didn't get any decent drawings. But the shoes were designed such that the heel was longer than the rest of the shoe so the foot was completely unbalanced. The heels of one pair were glued together to create a distorted ballet pose and one pair was a metal sole with studs both above and below, aptly called the Fakir.

In all the exhibition was stunning, mostly because the shoes were all little works of art. Completely impractical but beautiful. Mr Louboutin wanted them to be sexy, that was his primary aim. Comfort doesn't come into that...

 I love these boots- Ariella Clou. I have a current minor obsession with things with studs on, whether it's jewellery, coats, trousers, shoes etc. Georgina from Cupcake's Clothes wore a fantastic headband in one of her posts. So yes, these boots are amazing. They also look really comfy. Something which can't be said for most of the shoes. The expected red sole offsets the whole look I feel.

This came out far more washed-out than I wanted, but these are military-styled boots with a cut-out heel aptly named Attention. As with studs, military is another theme I love. It may be because I love a man in uniform (*cough* Prince Harry *cough*.) The detail I like most in these boots is the cut-out heel. I've come to the conclusion that many people have very hard heels and so the willingness to so obviously point out this body part must show a high-level of grooming. Just me? I don't know. But I LIKE it.

 These two shoes Bridget Strass and Tsar were definitely in my top ten. Bridget Strass were gold, lace and black, a perfect seductive combination. And they were sparkly. I appreciate that in a pair of shoes. Plus, if the chance ever arose, I would actually be able to walk/wear these bad boys. Tsar were so romantic. The big white flower at the toe, the sheer lace sides and the sparkly heel. Like a modern day glass slipper. If I ever write a Cinderella story to add to the thousands already out there my heroine shall wear these shoes. Or Docs. I'm undecided on this one...
 Lady Max and Kriptonite both had spikes on. I like me a fierce pair of shoes and these ones were fabulous. The Kriptonite ones especially with the spiked toes, sheer sides with darker flat studs and the icicle-like spikes on the heel were spectacular. I would (if I had the money) by these for my mantlepiece. Or at least to throw at unwanted intruders.
Lady Max strikes me as a reference to Mad Max. Is that just me? The shoes were gold with spikes at the band joinings. Apparently they're remaking Mad Max. With Tom Hardy. I'll have me some of that.

So after the Design Museum we went to the National Portrait because I haven't been there in a while and I love portraiture. Whilst we were in one of the rooms an artist and a bunch of older women shuffled in with some materials and began to do some drawing. So we joined in. The room we were in at the time was 1900-1950 so the pictures and busts were all Winston Churchill, World War pilots (hello men in uniform) and other high profile figures at the time. I choose to do Nye Bevin and Ralph Vaughan Williams, because Nye had a great face and worked with my great-grandfather and RVW wrote Fantasia on Thomas Tallis. It's on the Master and Commander soudtrack (more men in uniform...) and is simply wonderful.
So yes, here are my charcoal drawings from that.


I hope you are all having a fabulous week. Thank you again for all the lovely comments, they mean so much to me!