Monday, 26 March 2012

Sam Jones

So I've been appallingly awful at posting over the last few weeks. But I'm home for two weeks so hopefully I'll be able to get at least a few sketches done to stock up. I have a few portraits to complete in that time and I'm going to the local art fair, so it's going to be an arty holiday. Woop woop.

Today's post is on the one and only Ms Samantha Jones from Sex and the City. She is generally fabulous and comes out with some of the best one liners I've ever heard. Her attitude towards life is always amazing and her sense of style takes the 80s Power Woman look to an entirely new extreme.  A glamazon to the max, the costume designer Patricia Field did a fantastic job in creating a wardrobe which so perfectly suited the character.

Here are just a few doodles on her awesomeness...

 These are both from the Sex and the City movies. Can't remember which is this one though... I just love the combination of the voluminous top combined with the white pencil skirt and white shoes. If I had her shoulders, (and lack of chesticles) I would constantly wear off-the-shoulder tops. The female shoulder is so beautiful and those who are lucky enough to have beautiful shoulders never show them off nearly enough.
I LOVE this dress. So much. I think this one is from the second movie, and, as with all of Sam Jones' wardrobe, her feminist attitudes come across. The least neurotic of the group, the spiked shoulders reflect her strong and confident personality. And red is just her colour. It's a colour few can pull off, representing danger, strength and sex. Anyone watched Kinky Boots? The colour red is discussed in this little clip-

That's all folks. When I finally get round to sorting out my life I shall actually post something worthwhile. YAY!


Monday, 19 March 2012


I love men's fashion. Perhaps more than I love women's. It's just so much more fun.

St Andrews is renowned for its menswear. Just yesterday I went to an AGM where one of the members was wearing a handmade, perfectly fitted, tweed suit. I'll come back to the St Andrews boys in a later post.

Today I want to express my absolute love for Alo from Skins. The costume of Skins has always been amazing. If I could work on any show it would probably be that. I have a couple of sketches I want to post up later. But today it's all about Aloysius Creevey. He dresses how I wish I would dress if I was a guy. The tones are often autumnal and he wears leggings with large jumpers and always looks like he's been dragged through a hedge backwards. But one thing that I find so interesting about his style is that it always has a vintage feel, or a hint of old-school landed gentry.

Here is my current favourite flame-haired hero wearing a string vest, Hawaiian shorts, brogues and a handkerchief on top. Very Brits go abroad. Several faux-pas all mixed into one awesome mess.

Coming from St Andrews I am a huge fan of red trousers. The rolled-up versions sported here with wool socks, a pig-emblazoned wool tank top and 'bone' necklace are the complete opposite of anything seen strutting round the cobbled streets here. The colours suit his hair, and the rust tones make it seem far more normal than if it was in neon. The focus is more on lengths and shape and so the colour can't overpower this.

I love this look. Just so much love for it right now. The semi-tucked-in Pringle-print jumper, the cropped red trousers again, wool socks and leather boots- it's just SO GOOD. Everything about this look is amazing. Words can't even describe. Which really is not helpful when writing a blog.

So yes, Alo is awesome. He's just amazing. I'd highly recommend people watch the current generation of Skins. It went downhill after Nicholas Hoult et al left, but I'm loving the characters at the moment!


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

White Lies

I apologise for the disgusting lack of posts over the last week. I know no excuse is worthy, but I've had three deadlines, two games and one class trip over the last seven days, manic manic.

And I've done no drawings!

So here's a little video of one of my favourite bands- White Lies. And this is EPIC. It's an amalgamation of all their songs, but with people speaking the lyrics as well. The lyrics just flow like poetry and are so powerful.

Here are some more from these bad boys-


Farewell to the Fairground. It's amazing, the beat is just so good.

Death. Live on Jools Holland.

I saw these guys a few years back at Latitude music festival. They're going again this year. I actually can't wait. Just so intoxicating.

Normal posts will resume asap!


Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Do you ever get those days, girls, when you just want to dress as a man?

Maybe not as a man, but definitely in a masculine manner.

Now I love men's fashion. It is something that appeals to me far more than women's fashion does. Especially at the high end. For men it is mostly the detail which 'makes' a particular outfit, and not necessarily the silhouette.

I'm loving The Stylish Wanderer's current obsession with Sherlock Holmes. Rachel McAdams' character, Irene Adler, manages extreme femininity in corsets and masculine tailoring in tweed.

My recent purchase of a pair of men's cords has resulted in them being a staple in my wardrobe. Whenever I wear them I just feel that I have to complete the outfit in a similarly masculine manner and my whole attitude changes with it. I love how clothes can completely change your mood and outlook on life.
The jumper and jacket in this outfit were bought during Freshers' Week last year, my first proper time away from home, and they mean a lot to me. The outfit consists of a Ralph Lauren cotton ribbed jumper and a Aquascutum tweed jacket (I picked them up for a fiver each,) men's Old Navy cords and some orange boat shoes I picked up from Tesco for 50p. I live in these shoes (well when I'm not wearing my Docs anyways) I think it's because they are such a lurid colour they make me a little bit happy inside.

So just a short and slightly disjointed post there as have several deadlines looming.


Monday, 5 March 2012

Heavy Cross

Don't you love it when you find a song you can listen to over and over again and it NEVER gets old.

I have quite a lot of these little numbers, but my current favourites are-
 Gossip-Heavy Cross. It's just so darn good! This is her walking at the Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 2011 show. She's fantastic, I saw her a couple of years back and her stage presence is undeniable.
The song itself was used in the Dior adverts with Charlize Theron. The initial beat just builds up and up throughout the song, making it a fantastic walking song. If you haven't heard it, check it out here.
My second song which I just can't get enough of is Kimbra- Settle Down. Her voice is so hypnotic and her dancing is amazing. I also love her hair in the video, if I didn't love my hair long so much I would definitely chop it all off like this. She sang in the Gotye song- Somebody That I Used To Know. This song practically went viral and I can't wait to see her popularity grow. She's awesome. 'Nuff said.


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Problemo Deux- Marni for H&M

My language skills are shocking. Apologies.

So someone asked me what one should wear for the Marni for H&M launch. Sounds like some lucky buggar managed to get tickets. Now H&M has had many collaborations over the years- from King Karl himself to Madonna.

I am super-excited for this collaboration. The shapes of the collection are simple but explode with pattern and colour. It's going to be the perfect summer wardrobe for many this year. Block coloured dresses, printed leggings, collars, leather flats. It's everything a girl could need. And the men's collection is just as fantastic.

Comfort is vital. If you're travelling to get there make sure you are comfortable in what you wear. Plus, you're going to London. It's my personal fashion capital of the world. Just makes me so happy. So do it justice. Don't just wear jeans and jumper. Go a little crazy...

If you want to emulate the collection in honour of the opening go for a patterned silk dress with block coloured knee highs. Many of the dresses resemble the silk scarf dress, which I'm sure you all tried out in front of the mirror when you were thirteen. If you have fantastic shoulders, get them out.

If you are wanting to get photographed make sure you look fabulous, but stylish. Anna Piaggi can get away with outfits no-one else can, but maybe that wouldn't be an appropriate icon for a collection that is decidedly classic in shape with just a bit of madness when the prints are introduced. I'm currently loving printed pencil-skirts with short shirts or jumpers. Maybe this with a pair of knee highs, or coloured tights with comfortable heels... Maybe.

Printed leggings with printed hotpants and a printed silk shirt looks lie a standard combination for the collaboration. Make sure the palate is in keeping. You don't want a crazy flouro of the wrong hue with a bizarre shade of yellow. Instead think white as a base with dark blues, purples, greens and browns.

Here are some potential ideas...
 Not as crazy, but I just love this look. And a pattern pencil skirt is always fun.

 This is more following in the Marni theme. Prints, colour and sport-luxe. If I had the legs I'd rock this look.
Print-tastic? I think so...I love the little collar as well. And sleeves rolled up past the elbows. I like to think it just adds a nice little touch.

I hope that helps!

And keep sending the questions in, they are kinda fun.

Hope you all had/ are having a grand weekend!


Saturday, 3 March 2012

Glasgow Style

I'm completely in love with the Glasgow Style of Art. Charles Rennie Mackintosh and co were so inspirational at the time and in present day. The ethereal qualities and the worship of nature are just so beautiful. I could wax lyrical about them for ages, but I'll save you that. At least for now.

I've been working on my art more over the last few months and just wanted to show you my latest piece.

It's influenced by the Glasgow Style but is nowhere as awesome as their work.

Hope you like it...

I'm hoping to work on the style further.

Next post is on 'What one should wear to the Marni for H&M opening in London next week.' Any ideas?


Friday, 2 March 2012

Noel Noel Noel

Who is this stunning fellow?

Why yes, it's Noel Fielding. I don't know what it is about him, but...let's just leave it at if I ever saw him in public I would 'jump' him. Effectively. Just HELLO. Now many of my friends don't understand the Noel love. Thing is nor do I. Though his imagination is beyond anything I could ever come up with even in my wildest, most fevered dreams.
Everyone has a bizarre love for someone that no-one understands, maybe not even yourself. But Noel is one of mine. The others I don't feel are too bizarre.

But that's another story my darlings.


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Problem Numero Uno- Revamp

So I was asked if I'd do a few pictures to go with the article on dressing of sixth form.

Here goes...

Simple. Breton top, black skinnies, pumps. Simple. And so easy to emulate.

Shirt dress, flared or not. You could go for a safari look and get a tighter style. I like shirts. I don't know why. Also DECK SHOES. I love deck shoes, or boat shoes, what ever you choose to call them. Or plimsols. I'm a huge fan or plimsols. In fact, I'm currently sporting a white pair. They make me feel nostalgic. I have no idea why...

This is a pretty standard outfit for me. Black tights (always), tweed shorts, top,and blazer. I'm currently lusting after my sister's camel blazer from Zara. She put a fur collar on it. And I want it.
All hail the body con skirt. I have a back-side. I'm fully aware of this fact, so pencil skirts and body-cons are my go-to pieces. The edition of a striped or checked shirt makes it more teenage friendly. I feel.

So yes, there you go. A few visual ideas...

Also a huge thanks to Vix and Scarlett for the lovely comments!