Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Flat cap

I write for one of the many student magazines at St Andrews and recently wrote on the history of Flat Caps. It was actually fascinating. You can read it here. And once again my little doodles appear. So in the process of attempting to draw a picture I tried a few out. And I just liked this one. So I thought I'd post it. Yay!

Can you tell it's meant to be Brad Pitt? No. Probably not...


Problemo Numero Uno

Ok, if you take a sneaky peek at the post below I said I would attempt to solve some problems for the audience.

The first one being- what should a 15 year old wear to school for sixth form?

I guess it's a hard shout.

To begin, it depends on your school, your friends and your personal style. For me I come from Suffolk. It's in East Anglia. Pretty much sums up the sort of people who attended my school. My friends were just your average, normal people who made up most of the orchestra, and I'd known most of them for years. They'd seen the neon phase, the boho phase, the emo phase, so by the time it came to sixth form nothing would be able to surprise them...

Starting with the first few weeks, here are the problems-

a) Teenage girls often have minor confidence issues. I should know. Having just hit twenty I had an emotional break-down for about a day and now I strut around thinking I am the hottest thing to have hit St Andrews. If you know St Andrews you know that is a lie, but with the end of being a teenager, came the start of self-confidence. Anyway I'd say it's important to have a few outfits up your sleeve for the first week or so just to get into the swing of things, and choose something you know you look FANTASTIC in. And it'll just help with the friend-making part of things. Confidence is always key my darlings. I know it's nerve-racking as hell to walk into a room with forty people you don't know, but if you're wearing something with absolute confidence no-one will notice. Believe me.

b) You have to take into account that this may be the first time that some of your friends or new people at the school will see you and your awesome style sense. And, if it's a mixed school, you'll want to make a good impression. *Cheeky. Wink.* Make an effort. Aesthetics are important regardless of what people tell you. You don't have to be smothered in make-up or wearing a skirt that barely constitutes as a belt, but being well-presented means you will be taken more seriously than someone who turns up in tracksuit bottoms and a hoody. No no no. That will not do. Plus girls, I'm not a feminist. I play up my best assets and I love a bit of male attention. If you want people to see you differently to how they saw you in high school make them.

c) Start as you mean to go on. Personally for my first day of sixth form I wore a vintage beige and black houndstooth body con skirt, striped Benetton shirt and a military jacket. With a neck scarf and ankle boots. I was said to have resembled an air hostess, but my mates know I LOVE to dress up. I guess it just suited my personality. So in the following weeks I wore floor length kilts, hot pants and smoking jackets. I had friends who dressed up the first day then were in jeans and hoody for the rest of it. Sixth form allows you to experiment every day. Take advantage of that. I had a kimono week, where I had to wear a different kimono each week. Just have a laugh with it!

So there are my main three points. It's a hard call to decide what to wear, but if you experiment at sixth form by the time you get to uni you will have discovered a style which suits you wholly.

My school had some codes such as no slogans, nothing too short, no ripped jean-, that kind of shiz. Also smart-casual. That elusive term that I've grown to detest with a passion. What equals smart-casual? I'd say no jeans or trainers. Apparently they were acceptable.

Similarly 'office wear' is a theme often used by schools to promote a uniform, and I feel to prepare you for the monotony of future life. Cynic that I am, I believe that if you start wearing pinstripe skirt suits at 15 you'll be stuck in them forever.

Thinking on actual outfits. It entirely depends on what suits you and your style. I had a friend who almost solely wore Ralph Lauren shirts and gilets with jeans. She worked it. Other friends raided the charity shops and rocked up in hippy chic styles. Sixth form allows a complete freedom of expression. Look for inspiration everywhere. My current favourite is Skins, purely because the style is so distinctive for each character...
But obviously the acid prints and gold cycle shorts will rarely be allowed to grace the halls of many sixth forms.

Now office wear... that's a hard one. What sort of office are we talking about? Office wear for a fashion magazine say is going to be rather different to the office of a high flying business. One thing- no denim. At least not blue. Black skinnies you may be able to get away with. Shirts are always important. I live in shirts. Depending on what figure you have a body suit tucked into a circle skirt, or a pencil skirt and smart shirt is always good. Silhouette is key my darlings. As always a 'dirty' silhouette will just age you. Smart knee-length dresses won with tights and ankle boots could work just as well. Strangely, think Vanessa Hudgens in High School Musical Three. It's all pretty dresses . And invest in a blazer. It'll be your best friend.

It's worth looking at American TV series for inspiration. Early Gossip Girl series offer a lot, as do 90210. For a younger audience, Pretty Little Liars has some great outfits. Or you could just use them for procrastination...

Just please promise me you won't just wear pinstripes and white shirts.

I hope that suffices!


Friday, 24 February 2012

Problem Intro

Hello there my darlings,

So my aunt rang me this afternoon and announced that I should write a problem page on my blog. I was shocked because a) I hadn't told more than five people and b) my mother had informed her. Now the Mother is what may be known by some as a Luddite. If she wasn't strictly banned from the study then she would have thrown a hammer through the screen by now. Luckily she hasn't.

And I digress...

So I've decided to start a problem section to me ol' blog. If you've got a burning question or want my humble, but oh-so-amazing, opinion give me a message on the comments or by email. I'll make a little post about it and if you're lucky you'll get a picture ;)

First up...

'What do you wear if you are a 15 year old girl going into sixth form?' Asked by the mother of said 15 year old. I'll be tackling this one at some point in the next few days.

I'm now off to get ready for a ball. Yes, because I'm at St Andrews the balls are a strong feature. Mr Hudson will performing. And I'm a little bit more than a little bit in love with his face.

S'laters gaiters,


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Jessica Rabbit

Just look at her.

Isn't she just fantastic?

As you may have gathered already from some of my posts, I'm all for a bit of sex appeal when it comes to fashion and style. Some people just have that disturbing sexual power and, even though she was created to just that, Mrs Rabbit delivers.

 Jessica Rabbit comes from the film 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' and was designed to resemble the sexiest woman ever. Inspiration is meant to have be taken from Lucille Ball, Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake.

Extremely well endowed, barely covered in red sequins, a shock of orange hair and a pout Marilyn would be jealous of, she's just amazing.

What I love best about her is that her hip to waist ratio is so clearly unattainable yet so fantastic. Her thighs aren't stick thin and they extend from an ample backside. It shows that you don't have to be a size zero to be sexy.

That said the whole package does make her so much more alluring. The low, husky, sultry voice, the bouncing bosom, the seductive sway of her hips. And her love of jazz...

The fact that she is also ginger should surely work in her favour. She represents the hair colour which gets the most judgement (often as a joke) but she's just one of many famous red heads who have this extreme sex appeal.

So just a short post there. I love her. She's awesome.


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Personal Style

I hope you all had a simply marvellous Valentine's Day. Mine was spent watching French films, Sex and the City and drinking cocktails with my housemate. Her boyfriend is in a different country. She was in an emotional state. Almost had to stop her from launching herself at a happy couple making out in the doorway of our lecture hall. Emotional stuff.
So today I thought I'd do a little post on my own personal style. Sadly I don't have a camera, so you'll have to get used to the bizarre little sketches...

This outfit was a peach bodysuit from New Look, a 1970s grey wool skirt and New Loo heeled suede ankle boots. I LOVE this skirt. I was given it by a friend from her mother. It's really lightweight grey wool with black velvet spots. The shape is beautiful, mid-calf and a full circle. Teamed with the heels it just made me feel so feminine! I'm planning on remaking it in light cotton, but I'm still unsure how it will transfer. The shoes were a new purchase, and I think I may be in love. They are so beautiful and really comfy. I'm trying to wear heels more, but due to my height I often feel freakishly tall. I went to see my sister a few months back at Reading University and I swear I was the tallest person in the room. Anyways, back to the fashion... Bodysuits are one of those items of clothing that I used to detest (maybe because it reminds me of year 4 gym class) but recently I've found them super-versatile especially when it comes to high-waisted skirts. I can't really wear tight vest tops as they usually ride up, or loose tops just ruin the shape. So the body-suits keep everything sucked in and maintain the shape I'm aiming at. Plus this one has sparkles on it. I'm like a magpie- sparkles are always good.

This little number is similar to my usual attire. I'm a little addicted to skinny jeans. I never used to be a trouser wearer but occasionally all I want to do is stomp around in my brown DMs, wearing tight jeans, a huge jumper and some bling. The Docs are accessorised with green laces.They are too long so I always wrap them round the ankle once. As I wear them pretty much everyday it's a morning routine to put these bad boys on. The jeans are camel and from Zara. I love camel as a colour, it's so classic and the range of shades suits my skin tone. I love bright colour but the majority of my wardrobe is camel or navy. The jumper was found in the 'chuck' pile at home. I think my younger sister bought it from a charity shop yonks ago. It's huge, camel and wool. PERFECT. The bling is a necklace from Topshop. Sale. Obvs. No way can I afford full price Topshop on my measly student budget. This item is fondly known as the Breastplate by my friends. I love it.

I'm a little in love with this outfit. (Love comes up a lot when it comes to clothes. We have a deep emotional involvement.) I wore this for a friend's 20th birthday dinner. Most of his friends are the tweed wearing types, and though I love the tweed at certain times I just wasn't feeling it that night. So I wore a River Island pencil skirt. My sisters and I have a slight obsession with leopard print. Not in the Scary Spice kind of way. More in a (hopefully) classy kind of way. My housemate thought this skirt was hilarious. It's mid-calf and high-waisted. What isn't too love? Worn with an H&M shirt, another Topshop necklace- this time covered with birds-  and the New Look heels from above.

I don't know what's going on with my hair in these drawings.On a day-to-day basis it's usually down, or messily pinned up. I'm apparently blessed with what my friends call 'sex-hair.' I just think I'm often on the wrong side of tramp. Oh well!

I hope you all have a fantastic night, I'm off to a sports social involving dirty pints. I'm petrified. Mostly because I have no idea what to wear!


Saturday, 11 February 2012


Fashion is a bizarre concept that if you take it too far you end up looking a mess, but if you get it right you look amazing.
I'm a student at what I believe to be one of the most unashamedly fashionable universities in Britain. St Andrews. It's a parade of Longchamp bags, Barbours and designer outfits. I'll get back to this in another post. I love the fashion here, but I miss the eccentricities and lack of boundaries that I have at home. I try my best to dress my mood and dress how I want, but when faced with snide looks and remarks by the tanned clones on the streets it's a little dispiriting.
Ever since I can remember we've had a huge dressing up box at home. And now many of the items live in my wardrobe up here. I love to dress up. When I was younger this was inspired by my mother, grandmother and sisters. Now celebrities have entered that group.
Today I want to show you some of my favourite 'celebrities' who use fashion to express their moods, as well as accentuating their best assets. Not in any great detail. Just a snapshot. So here are my favourites-
 Anna Dello Russo is so eccentric and avant-garde. A true style icon because her look is timeless and knows none of the limits that often plague fashion today. In this outfit I particularly love her cherry headpiece. The shock of colour against the monochrome dress, and the kitschy feel to the theme makes it playful and different. She wears a lot of these headpieces. And I really want to get my hands on one. Even if I never wore it, I'd just have it on my mantelpiece so I wake up each morning with a huge smile on my face. I believe it to have this effect...
Carrie Carrie Carrie. I LOVE Sex and the City and even though the characters are mostly neurotic and ridiculous the fashion is beautiful. I love that Carrie shows flesh and, even though she doesn't look 'sexy,' she's so confident in how she looks it just looks exceptional. Plus I really wish I had her abs. 2012 was supposed to be the year of the abs for me and one of my housemates. That's failing.
Oh Gaga. Isn't she just fantastic? Like Miss Bradshaw she shows flesh, and often appears practically naked, but it's just her artistic expression. She is so musically talented that her fashion is a continuation of the theatrical character. Her style is costume-like as a whole. I wish I could pull off her candy-floss hair. Even her most simple outfits have an air of the theatrical. It's ethereal and beautiful.

So there's a small snippet of my three favourite fashion celebrities. It's the theatricality that I love most. And that they always wear the highest of heels. But sadly the combination of being 5'10" and living in a town dominated by cobbled streets prohibits my heel wearing time. But I try my darlings. I try.


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Why hello there.

So here’s a little blog from me, Miss Millie Mae. In it I hope to detail my fashion inspirations, from films, to life, to my own bewildering imagination. I’m fully aware there are blogs galore on the web, with most coming about due to a blogger’s desire to share their individual fashion with the world. Now I’d be the first to admit that my style is not as outrageous as Miss Carrie Bradshaw’s, but I’ve always found that style can be so hindered by body shape. I’ve learnt through years of high street shopping that my figure just isn’t properly catered for in today’s society. Whether its underwear, coats or shoes it’s nigh on impossible to find sartorial items that sit perfectly on my figure.

With my vital statistics reading at 32FF, 27, 42.5 my style often suffers due to badly fitting clothes or the sheer price of tailor made clothing. Through this I’ve learnt to tailor clothing and make complete and full use of my assets.

I love vintage, but my student budget can rarely stretch to the beautiful 1950s dresses that best suit my hourglass figure. And so I strive to create vintage inspired outfits with a creative twist whilst clothing my figure in the best way possible.

So I set myself a new challenge. As of now I’m going to make an effort every day on my appearance, from make up to clothing. I shall limit how much I spend as well as delving into the inner depths of my wardrobe to wear items I’ve relegated to the once in a blue moon pile. I shall document my outfits as often as possible.

I hope you enjoy!