Thursday, 27 December 2012


Spurred on by Christmas gifts and cold nights by the fire watching Gone with the Wind (Love a bit of Rhett Butler) Four Feathers and Sherlock Holmes, I have become a little obsessed with masculine clothing. Next on my list is the Aviator purely for Cate Blanchett as Katherine Hepburn.

The present in question is a beautiful cashmere and wool coat from The Mother. It's a 46" coat and is massive on me. But with a waist-belt it can be cinched into a feminine silhouette. It is also extremely light weight and is not at all bulky. I just swan round the house feeling like a 1930s film goddess.

And from there I came up with some more masculine outfits I want to try out... This one is my old tweed jacket, a neutral vest top, my DAKS camel trousers. Have I mentioned them before? I got them from Absolute Vintage in London. Men's camel trousers- what more could a girl want? Teamed with a  cashmere beanie I made from an old jumper and my brogues.
For months I have been looking for a pair of tartan wool trousers. This was definitely spurred on by the Chanel show, but I just love the tartan patterns and the slouchy fit of men's trousers. So when I returned home and was bemoaning my lack of tartan trousers The Father said I could try on his. They are far too big on me but in a grey, purple, yellow and red print how could a girl resist? I am now entirely in love with them, but The Mother and my older sister says that I can't keep them. I decided that if I can take them back to Scotland I shall be wearing them with a rolled up white shirt.
I can't work out if I like this look at the moment. It consists of black skinnies, brogues, a purple silk shirt, undone cravat and waistcoat. Is it too much? Maybe. I do love a good waistcoat though, I don't feel I wear them nearly enough.
This is actually what my sister wore the other day. A Zara camel blazer with a vintage fur collar, mens white silk shirt, black shorts, tights and lace up knee high boots. I just really loved this look and I loved the subtle masculine tones of the blazer and shirt off set by the hotpants and fur.

This is just for fun. A flowery kimono, metallic obi belt, aforementioned tartan trousers and a neutral top. I think it may be too much, but if I saw someone wearing this it would definitely brighten my day!

I hope you are all having a great holiday and have a fabulous New Year! Off to Barcelona in a week!


Thursday, 13 December 2012


This blog was originally created as a form of procrastination, and, baring in mind my exams are next week, I feel like it is fulfilling its purpose.
Because of general procrastination I have been obsessing over blogs. I am currently loving grav3yardgirl on Youtube because she is generally awesome.
However in the past few weeks I have been loving Nadia Aboulhosn. Her blog is one of those that once you start flicking through the pages you can't stop. And then you reach the beginning. And that is a sad moment.

I love her blog because, not only is she beautiful, but because her style is simple and elegant, but with a twist. The fact that she was recently named one of Complex Magazine's Top 10 Hottest Plus Size Models only demonstrates how amazing she is. She is so inspirational in her fashion sense and just makes me want to wear bra-tops and high-waisted skirts. And get my legs out. And cut my hair short. And to embrace my dark eyebrows. Plus she has a great personality. Ok I may be developing a minor girl crush...

ANYWAY... I did a few drawings of her. Because she be awesome. I'm also not going to say anything else about her because you should just check her out. Basically.

Yay for procrastination.
I hope you're having a good week and are all excited about Christmas. I'm going home next week for the first time since August. Woop...


My previous piece on bloggers is here.

Sunday, 9 December 2012


This afternoon, whilst sitting on my bed, I was talking to my roommate about how annoying it when a style you love suddenly comes into fashion and suddenly EVERYONE is wearing it. For me it was gypsy skirts, 50s corsetting and skinny jeans. Because of this conversation I spent the rest of the day musing over the items I felt were missing from my wardrobe. My current inspirations are the TV show Girls (more on that another time) and just the general Scottish weather.
 Anyway, amongst the list of things I felt I needed in my life were checked high-waisted trousers (preferably in a  navy tartan cashmere...) a new massive coat, general tartan and wool, a new hat, bling and the idea of sporrans as handbags. I've always felt that was a bit inappropriate, but then I fell upon the most recent Chanel show in YouTube. (Here)

It is basically what I want in life. King Karl was supposedly in town a few weeks back and I can only think I was his style inspiration. IT IS BEYOND BEAUTIFUL. And he uses sporrans as handbags. I am sold.
Anyone trying to speak to me right now will realise that I am completely unable to put sentences together due to my extreme love for this collection. It is just a truly beautiful collection; a rich colour palette on luxury fabrics in an Elizabethan/medieval/Game of Thrones amalgamation. 
Because I can't put it into a coherent sentence here are some of the things I am loving about this collection:
  • Flat boots. With woolly socks!
  • Layering- perfect for the cold Scottish weather
  • Knitted layers.
  • BLING. Jewelled headdresses, necklines, earrings, brooches...
  • Dreamy chiffon with heavy knits. Long jumpers over floaty skirts
  • Tartan trousers. 
  • Feather capes, Elizabethan ruffs. Bejewelled chokers. Just some serious neck action.
  • HUGE coats. In navy, white, black, oxblood...
  • Hats- and scarves. The bigger the better.
  • Sporrans as handbags. YES.

I don't usually 'follow trends' but this show was basically everything I ever wanted in my life.
So here are a few outfits I knocked up. In the style of King Karl...

 Big Jumper. Short floaty skirt. Grey patterned tights. Massive rust scarf. 

 Structured black jacket. Big scarf (wrapped around then tied.) Tartan plus-fours. White stockings. Brogues.
I love plus-fours. I have for years though have never really had the calves for them. My mother has a couple of pairs of land-girls breeches that are awesome and the most comfortable things you could ever wear.

Tartan high-waisted trousers. Brogues. Brown jumper. White collar. Sporran Handbag.
 This was a sketch I actually did before watching the show. Crazy stuff. Seriously want these trousers.
 Massive navy coat. Docs. Massive scarf.
I have a huge vintage Laura Ashley duffel back in Suffolk. I am so going to wearing it like this.
Wool pencil skirt. Massive camel cardigan with oxblood lapels and cuffs. Large khaki scarf. Tartan beret. Brogues.
 This is my favourite sketch. As you know I love pencil skirts. And my brogues. I also love massive coats and jackets. I would never take this off if I had it.
Quick sketches. (Clockwise from top left:) Beret with brooch, strings of beads. Slouchy tartan beret. Leather, quilted, sporran handbag. Feather capelet (OMG) with small grey, embellished hat (kinda army style, can't think of the right word.) Grey scarf round hat and neck.

That's me done.

Just watching Joan Armatrading videos because I forgot how unbelievably awesome she is. 

Heading to Barcelona in a few weeks and am trying to plan a rough wardrobe. Any ideas?

I hope you've had a good week!


PS- An a capella group from St Andrews are going for the Christmas No. 1. Felt I should share. They are really good! Thanks!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Black Tie.

Due to it being the Christmas season and all everyday I seem to get invited to a society dinner or a friend's Mulled Wine party. I am in fact meant to be going to one this evening but have a 48 hour exam thing going on so I only planning to leave my room for tea supplies...

Last weekend I had two Christmas dinners- one for my tweed-wearing society and one for the Korfball club. Both were very different experiences with one taking place in one of the nicer restaurants in town and the other being in a pub with my team-mates.

For the first I had a running joke with my friends that I was going to wear the most inappropriate outfit I could think of. We were originally thinking just a black bow-tie, but then genuine plans were made for these two outfits...
 This is a sheer bronze dress with black underwear underneath...
 And your standard white dinner white with black belt and black bow tie. Sadly we deemed neither of them entirely appropriate so I went with this...
 I bought this dress about four years ago from TKMaxx waiting patiently for it to go down in price. It's a vibrant green silk with cotton panelling. It's quite short, but has a slip underneath. Which is a good thing as I forgot to do the zip up for the majority of the evening... I love the loose shape and the vibrant colour. Also, despite it being short, it is amazing to dance in which is always a plus side I feel.
This is one of my favourite dresses.I splashed out a bit when I bought it from Topshop two years ago. It has one cap sleeve and one short sleeve. It is black sheer at the top and has a sheer panel snaking across the chest and down one side. The rest of the dress is blue with heavy black glass beading. It is so beautiful! I wore it with my brown brogues  because I didn't feel like trekking across the cobbled streets (slightly worse for wear) in 5 inch heels.

Currently watching Pretty In Pink. So much love for Duckie...

Hope you're having a great week and not getting too cold!


Friday, 30 November 2012


Once again my blogging has slipped. And once again I'm blaming uni work and the korf. Yesterday was my first lie-in in about two months. Best.Feeling.Ever.

For the first time in a month I'm actually taking some care in my appearance and not just wearing the first thing I find when I roll out of bed. 

 T'other night I went to an art show (how sophisticated am I...) which my friend had helped set up. This is one of the hosts. He was wearing a really simple grey suit with white tennis shoes and a pale cream shirt buttoned to the top. It was the tennis shoes that did it. Makes such a change from the deck shoes usually seen strutting round the St Andrews streets.

 I wore this. For unknown reasons whenever I lack self-esteem this is the dress that always helps me out. It's a navy full length jumper dress and is skin tight. The reason I love it is that it just clings to all the right places and I love the neckline. Plus even if you don't feel particularly confident you have to act it when wearing it. I wore it with big hair and patent brogues.
 This t-shirt was stolen from my younger sister. It's a silk crop-top from ASOS and says Old is the New New. It's a ridiculous slogan, but it fits well and keeps me warm. The skirt is a thick jersey from Peacocks. It's burnt orange and due to the heavy jersey is drapes beautifully.

For the record I was wearing shorts under this. Following returning to sports this semester I actually have muscle on my legs. It doesn't seem like a big deal to everyone else in the club, but it means the world to me. Because of that all I want to wear is hot pants and mini skirts. Et voila, hot pants hidden by a giant shirt with shoe boots. Yay for body confidence!

Also I never talk about make-up as it kinda bores me. I also only wear it because when I feel like drawing on my face. Recently I bought the Collection 2000 Gel Liner in Black. It's a little pot and paintbrush which somehow makes it so much easier to put on. So yeah... I'm a little in love...

I hope you're having a great week!


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Life and times...

Despite hating the phrase 'I'm so uninspired' that is exactly how I'm feeling right now. I'm either reading, writing, training or sleeping these days and so blogging and drawing has had to take a back bench for the past few weeks. That said (and I know I keep saying this) there are some pretty exciting developments going on...

So here are a couple of sketches I've managed since last we met.

 This outfit was a pair of high-waisted white jeans and a cropped t-shirt, teamed with my new brogues and a massive plait. I personally loved this look, my friend said that I looked fashionable because 'it was a strange look and therefore must be fashionable.' As if. Oh well it was fun and having a bare midriff really boosts a girl's confidence.

This guy had a really interesting play on colour and necklines. As I was standing outside the library when I spotted him, I thought the combination of the geek glasses and striped scarf were perfect. I also loved the buttoned up peach coloured shirt and camel cowl-neck.

This must be one of my favourite outfits from the past few months. At St Andrews there are so many Scandinavians, often known by their blond hair and impeccable dress sense. This gentleman was wearing a blue quilted Barbour, a blue shirt, blue chinos and blue shoes. He also wore blue lensed glasses. The complementary colours clashed beautifully with his bright ginger hair. Loved it.
For some more personal style I wore this for a recent 21st- black New Look skater dress and a burnt orange smoking jacket. Fabulous darlings. I also wore my brogues again.I literally cannot get enough of them, they are so beautiful.
I bought this dress a few summers back and other than slobbing at home had yet to venture outside in it. It's a vintage Laura Ashley, sleeveless shirt dress, but the buttons stop at just below crotch level which makes it hard to style. So I manned up and wore it tights, Docs and a messy up-do. The belt is a red, see-through bow by French Connection. I bought it years ago and still love it.

So that's a short post. I shall get back to regular posting soon!


Monday, 22 October 2012

Paintings Mark Two

Once again I've got behind on my posting. I have so many ideas buzzing round my head that I'm finding it so frustrating that I can't find the time to draw them to any decent standard. So I'm going to post some more paintings I did last week after completing my essay.

 This is my copy of Flaming June by Sir Frederick Leighton. I was given a card by my grandmother when I was about eight and since then It has been my favourite artwork. I was lucky enough to see it in the Tate a few years back as it usually resides in Puerto Rico. If you ever get the chance to see Leighton House in London do. It is utterly beautiful. In fact anything by Leighton is beautiful.

This was meant to be Penelope Cruz. But it ended up not looking like her so I just gave her big hair and dealt with it. I decided to draw her because I rewatched Vicky Cristina Barcelona. 
I have now decided I need to go to Barcelona and booked my flights this afternoon for January. Actually can't wait!

I'll get sartorially orientated again at some point...


Thursday, 11 October 2012


So I spent today hungover and did not fancy working (sorry Parents...) and therefore spent this afternoon drinking tea, painting and drinking more tea.

Here are some of today's results.

This is a revamped version of a 1920s photograph. I was a little obsessed with Geishas when I was about 15 and this reminded me of that...

This is a sketch of Crystal Renn walking the John Paul Gaultier catwalk a few years back. Her curves are to die for and I love the Amy Winehouse hair...

I hope you are having a great week. I'm going back to bed...


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Grey Days

As always it isn't really a grey day, I just realised that my drawings were all grey based and therefore I felt the title was appropriate. It is in fact quite warm up here, until you're playing korfball outside at 7pm. Ducking freezing.

This girl featured on an earlier post. She's in my seminar group and is always impeccably dressed. Last week she was wearing this beautiful grey cape with a collar and a whacking great bow on the front. She also had black flatform plimsolls on. I just love that she is always so well turned out, wearing something different and something a little quirky...

This is another well-dressed lady in my seminar group. She's about 5'11", very slim and beyond stunning. She also has fabulous style. Last week she was wearing a buttoned-up white shirt, grey sweatshirt with 3/4 length sleeves and black leather-look leggings. I usually hate grey marl with bright colours, but she was wearing acid green jewellery and this massive amber-coloured ring which covered the majority of her fingers. Kinda loved it. Plus her hair is always  perfect. I never understand how people do that.

This is what I wore the other day. The dress is a bracelet length, mini-dress with a grey checked print on it. I say mini-dress, it is not meant to be a mini-dress. My sister bought it when she was about fourteen and no longer wears it so I stole it. It covers my backside.That's all I can ask for. I wore it with black tights and some Kickers heeled boots I bought a few months back. They are so comfortable and have really long laces. The bag is a Billy Bag that I was given for my 16th birthday. It was my first proper handbag, and it is so beautiful. Supple blue leather with a floral lining. Oh and worn with big hair. Obvs.

I wore this to one of my tweed wearing societies the other day. Camel string vest top, with River Island striped pencil skirt and shoe boots. Over the vest top I wore a sheer embellished cream vest top from Primark. I never go to Primark but I just loved it. Worn with big hair and tweed. I actually loved this look so much. Now just want to wear midi-pencil skirts constantly. Going on an Ebay rampage...

I hope you are having a fabulous week. Only three days until the weekend!


Friday, 5 October 2012

Got me some new shoes...

Today was beautiful. St Andrews was shining and despite the fact that it looks spectacular in any weather it looked even better today. So what better way to procrastinate from an essay on Tartan samples (yes that's right) than to hit the charity shops? The shops up here are often extortionately expensive. Why pay £12 for a cotton jumper when you can get it cheaper from H&M?
On my travels I did find some rather marvellous items, but the definite steal of the day were two pairs of men's brogues. Completely leather, tan, barely worn and £17 for the two. I'm in heaven. As I've no doubt mentioned before it is nigh on impossible for me to find shoes due to a wide fit and high arch and so men's are often much better fitting. Also black leather shoes scare me a little. I blame school for that.

First pair are these Italian beauties from Rodi. I love the double layer for the lacings as I can get bruises from laces due to high arches. (Rage)
I'm not entirely sure why the drawing has come out so blotchy. But it has. And that is sad.

 This is a little close up. There are diagonally stitches under the lace holes which makes a really interesting detail. They only cost me £10.50 and considering I wore them all day they were so worth it.

The second pair cost me £6.50. The cashier looked very confused and kept checking to make sure that yes the price was indeed correct. These are English made. Joseph Cheaney? Apparently new they cost near £300. So I ain't complaining. Here is a front a side view...

And a front view.

So hopefully they will let my Docs have a nice rest. Thank you so much Cancer Research!

This is only a short post as I have to get back to the essay. Yay...

Have a great weekend. I'll be stalking Mr Pistorius...


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

What direction?

I'm just going to put it out there- I have a bit of a soft spot for One Direction. I'd say it is because I love their music, but, as true as that is, we all know that's not the real reason...
One thing I do love about them is their style. (Despite that fact that they probably have a team of stylists throwing striped shirts at them saying 'Wear this darling, it will bring out your eyes, make all women of all ages love you...') The name escapes me but a few weeks back I was watching a vlog where the girl picked up a Breton striped top and proclaimed that she loved it because it reminded her of 1D. Not because of Chanel or whatever.

And so it is that I found myself procrastinating whilst watching pop-videos on youtube. On revisiting 'It's Gotta Be You' I realised it was practically an advert for Jack Wills. All chinos and slim fitting tweeds. To be honest I wasn't complaining.

So here are some sketches...
Oh and to protect my dignity I did have to look up the names...

 Harry (Or the curly-haired one)- I guess it does help that this guy has a good base to work with. Tall, slim, flowing locks etc... but I do love this look on him. The matching greys of the pea-coat and skinny jeans contrast with the burnt orange top and white of the scarf. Plus I'm always a fan of skinnies and clumpy boots.

 Louis (or the one with the dodgy hair)- He always seems to wear braces with high-necked tops. This is an awful look on him. Which is why I prefer it when he wears a navy tweed coat and brown circle-scarf. Much better...

 This the blond one- Niall?- Apparently the Americans love him because he's blond and cute. Apparently. I'm a bit in love with the hoody/tweed jacket look. The high-necked shirt is wonderfully hipster and the mixture of colours is really interesting, especially with the neutral jeans.
This is Zayn. He recently got a lot of stick for getting a blond streak in his quiff, so he dyed it back. Apparently. This amuses me greatly. I'm not sure what I think of this look. I love the plum coat and blue chinos. And, hey, which girl doesn't love a tight white t-shirt (Marlon Brando in Streetcar anyone?) But it's his checked shirt. It is fastened at the top button only. This confuses me. Does anyone in the real world ever actually only fasten their top button? 
On another note- totally loving the leather sports bag. Yes please...

Liam is the one that looks like Harry but doesn't seem to get with women twice his age. I have a lot of time for this outfit if only because I could see it strolling down the St Andrews street and I myself would almost definitely wear a version of this. White polo shirt, blue sweater, tweeeeed and chinos, all bought together with brown workman boots. What's not to love?

So here endeth my 1D appreciation section. 

On another note the Dunhill Links Golf Championship is happening as of tomorrow. Celebrities descend upon our beautiful town to play golf with the professionals. In previous years we've had High Grant and Samuel L Jackson. This year however it's Michael Phelps and Oscar Pistorius. So guess who's celebrity stalking this weekend!

Hope you're having a great week!


Friday, 28 September 2012

Winter is coming...

We all love a Game of Thrones reference I'm sure.
Anyways, on the basis of the fact that we have had weird and wonderful weather up here in Fife over the last few days I wanted to do a post on winter coats. Yes I did a post on Autumn in the height of summer and I'm doing the same now. Because I can...

So here are a few coats that I have/want/need...
 This is a want. I love camel, it may be a slightly boring colour but I love its elegance and classic nature. I found a cashmere camel coat a few years back but sadly had a biro explosion so now it is tainted. Aquascutum had a beautiful number a few seasons ago, floor length with that perfect glamorous swish. That's the coat I'll be praying to find in a charity shop sometime soon...

 This is a have. I have this coat back home in Suffolk but sadly, due to slight damage, have had to leave it there. I was given it from a good friend of the family's, a beautiful beaver-lamb, 1950s coat. Bracelet length sleeves and just below waist, it is the perfect fit and is disgustingly warm. It is sensuously soft and has a purple-red sheen to the fur. It is potentially my favourite item of clothing. Or at least in the top five...

 This is another coat I actually own. It was the first ever item I remember buying for myself. A navy wool trench-style coat with an added camel belt, I always feel like I've stepped out of a WW2 period drama whenever I wear it. The belt actually came off the aforementioned cashmere coat, but I love the combination of navy and camel.
This is a want. Everyone needs a red winter coat and I love the contrasting colour-blocking sections. There is a Daks coat similar to this that I am currently lusting over, reversible, red and caooon shaped. I love the idea of a coat which completely drowns me as I'm rarely lucky enough to find a coat with long enough sleeves as it is! This would be my ideal coat for the winter. 21st birthday present anyone?
I think I have mentioned my sheepskin coat before. It's testament to how cold it is up here that I've been wearing it over the past week. Nothing else seems to be working with just the same effect. One of my academic children was raving about it yesterday which made my day. I think I often look like a tramp when I wear it, but it is fabulous, and I love it.

As you can tell this is not coat related. Just that I wore my suede capelet the other day to a house party we held. Despite the bizarre reactions I had when I initially bought it, everyone was so complimentary. It has amazing swish appeal and was so much fun to wear. (Worn with Docs (natch) and a black skater style dress)

I hope you are all having an amazing week, and hey, it's nearly the weekend!